Kerala River Danger Zones, Kallada RIver Bed Rocks Photos near Thenmala, Rock Filled River Course of an Empty River orginating from Western Ghat Mountains

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Kallada River photos near Thenmala. River Danger Zones
Beside the river that yellow board says, Dangerous Zone of River, entry to the river is strictly prohibited. A caution board erected by Water Authority near Thenmala besides the Kallada river. Last time when i passed through this place the river was full and water level was upto the sand near the caution board.

The river was flowing much calm, filled up with green water that time, and anyone seeing this place will wonder why is such a board placed near a calm slow flowing river like this.The river may appear swimmable and ideal for some water fun. But this time as the river is empty due to the closure of dam shutters i came to know why such a danger caution is given here. Anyone watching the empty river bed will know how dangerous the traps formed of those huge rocks can be to anyone going into the river even if the water level is moderate. Giving you a few picture snaps of the rocky river bed below.

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