Kerala Sea Side Beach Resorts & Restaurents-Kerala Ayurvedic resorts, Beach Cafes, Seaside cottages etc @ Varkala beach mountain cliffs

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Varkala Cliff top Walking Lane
Photos of Varkala beach side resorts, restaurants and sea side cottages. The resort and beach hotel photos given here are from the cliff top near varkala helipad. Apart from hotels and resorts there are ayurvedic massage parlours, dental spas, wifi enabled restaurants, cliff top heritage cottages etc.

To the right is the small tiled walkway that extends through the clifftop which you may use to access the hotels and resorts here, and also for enjoying the beach from the cliffs. The path extends seemless and we stopped walking after sometime. One side of this walkway is packed with so many palm thatched restaurants, hotels and many sea side shops. Paintings shops, garments and sculpture shops are seen in between the palm thatched restaurants. A Spices supermarket of Kerala is also seen there, but was closed by the time we were there. All the amenities a foreign tourist may need from currency exchanges, tour packages in Kerala to travel ticket bookings can be done from the shops around here in Varkala.

You can get reasonably rated accomodation and food from the hotels and resorts in this place if you can just search a bit here for the rates. Rooms facing beach side starts from INR 500 per night in some of the beach hotels here. Rates may vary depending on the hotels and type of rooms you choose. Its said that this is the place where you can get a good deal to have an accommodation during a beach holidays in Varkala / Kerala / India.

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Kerala Beach Aerial Photos-Varkala Beach and Rough Arabian sea Waves photographed from Southern Mountain Cliffs of Varkala/Kerala. Monsoon time Beach Photos from Kerala/India

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Varkala Beach under Cliffs
Aerial view of Varkala beach and the Arabian sea, along the southern coastal line of Kerala / India. The beach pictures and the sea given here are taken from the mountain cliffs of Varkala, near to the helipad. Eventhough it was a bad time for beach tourists coming to Kerala beaches, as the sea is rough, watching the vast sea and waves invading the beaches of varkala seemed awesome from here at this mountain top.

Varkala is a unique place having around three beaches. Cliffs guarding the beaches can give you a birds eye view of the long strip of shallow beach lying through those mountain valleys. The varkala formations, ie the mountain cliffs have walking paths through the cliff edges where you may take a walk enjoying the vast sea and cold sea breeze, witnessing breathtaking sea waves splashing over those beach rocks down under the cliffs. 

Another speciality is the clifftop palm thatched hotels and sea side room stays, where you can get affordable accommodations and most of the wold class dishes. Will give you some of those beach side hotel photos soon. Most of beach photos are displayed here in smaller sizes and you can click them to enlarge.

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Unique Kerala Beach, Varkala beach landscape peculiarities-Tour Varkala for these reasons.

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Varkala Formation, Sedimentary mountain cliffs
Varkala beach, cliffs and rocks- what's so special of these things?, have to say this beach of Kerala has much many importance and specialties than other flat land Kerala beaches.

Considering the rocks and nature of the beach topography, Varkala is considered to be an alternative to Kovalam, the famous Indian beach in Trivandrum district of Kerala state. Infact Varkal also is in trivandrum, Kerala's capital district. 

Unique features of Varkala beach and Landscapes
Varkala is a madly preferable beach tour spot if you consider a less crowded and large beach and cliffs. Infact three beaches are there bordered by mountain cliffs. Yea the vast stretch of Mountain Cliffs count to be first peculiarity of this beach.The beaches of Varkala are found to be formed in the valleys of these crescent shaped mountain cliffs. Considering the southern cost of Kerala, mountain cliffs are seen adjacent to beaches only in Varkala. This peculiar geological formations of mountain cliffs are termed as Varkala Formations
Most of the other Kerala beaches are flat lying beside the vast Arabian Sea. The mountain cliffs here named as Varkala formations are considered Geological monument by Geological Survey of India. The invasion of sea waves are seen in some parts of the cliffs and small landslides are seen. Much many huge sedimentary rocks are seen adjacent to the beach alleviating the wave attacks on cliff bottoms.

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Beach photos @ Varkala Helipad, Varkala Beaches, Mountain Cliffs- Arabian sea aerial view from Varkala mountain cliffs

varkala helipad ground,helipad over beach cliffs,helipads in kerala
Varkala Helipad
Varkala Helipad, snaps of the sea and beach underneath the mountain cliffs of Varkala are shared for you here. If you visited Varkala and returned without being into this helipad area of mountain cliffs, you have missed the real beauty of Varkala beach landscapes. From here what you gonna get is an aerial view of the beach and white sea waves splashing onto the bottom of those mountain cliffs.

The photos of the beaches and mountain cliffs adjacent to the beaches are taken during noon time, and i wonder how cute they will be during a beach sunset.

Reaching Varkala Helipad from Papanasham white sand beach
Reaching this part of the varkala beach is simplified by a small walkway from papanasham beach progressing through the mountain sides. Being noon time we didn't preferred a walk in the sun instead just took our vehicle for much parking space is available here as its the helipad point of Varkala. A taxi stand is also there near the helipad ground. Its just about a kilometer through road, from papanasham beach to Varkala helipad. We felt refreshed with the cool sea breeze blowing here as soon as we got down from the car, and it was an awesome refresh particularly under that noontime sun.

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Papanasham beach Varkala -Kerala's Beach renowned for Tourism,also as Sacred beach based on Hindu mythologies and believes.

papanasham beach photos,hindu rituals done in sacred beach of varkala named as papanasham,baliidal for dead souls by hindu believers
Bali Idal, in papanasham beach, Varkala,Kerala
Paapanasham Beach -Varkala, Kerala, a south Indian beach situated in the state of Kerala which has importance as a tourism spot as well as a Hindu pilgrim spot.One of the beaches of varkala called Papanasham is believed to be a sacred beach as per Hindu religious believes and myths. The beach of papansam is the only white sand beach among the three beaches here in Varkala.

The Malayalam word 'PAPANASHAM' means something that destroys your sins or purifies your bad deeds. This beach is considered to be a pilgrim spot, where all sins will be purified by a sacred dip in the sea water here.

The religious significance of this southern Kerala beach is, its one of the water bodies in the state where so many Hindu believers comes to pray for their ancestors and passed away beloveds during Vavu Bali- a day to pay homage to dead souls and pray for them.The photo to the right is a religious ritual done by the believer as instructed by the priest or poojari at the Papanasham beach of Kerala. Very near to the Papanasham beach Janardhana Swamy Temple, a famous Hindu temple is situated.

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Varkala Beach Tourtrip Photos, Scenic Beach snaps from southern India. Beach tourism activities-Surfing, Sunbathe, Swimming..

varkala beach photos kerala india,beautiful beaches of south india
varkala beach Kerala/India
Varkala beach photos from the tour trips towards Kerala beaches starts from this post. By the noon time of a partially sunny day in the month of September we gave a visit to this beach. Have to say its one of the most lovely beach picnic spot of Kerala-more specifically in Thiruvananthapuram, the capital district of Kerala.

If you intend to visit a beach in which you can swim, if you want to sit over the mountain cliff and watch the long stretching sea infront of you same time enjoying the cool pat of sea winds, or even if you want to use a surfboard on that roaring beach waves, this is one of the beaches to consider in Kerala. Not many of Kerala or Indian beach gives much variety of options to enjoy your holidays as the beaches here in Varkala/ Trivandrum/Kerala.

The tourist season here in and around Varkala beach is around the months of December. Our visit was on monsoon time and monsoon rains were showing up intermittently in its big and small packages. The rainy season had made the sea a little rough and submerged some of the beaches here under those roaring waves, compelling the authorities to close those beaches from being visited by tourists till the sea becomes calm by season change.But those who intending a monsoon tour visit to Kerala's vivid landscapes and beaches, don't wait it's time to be here.

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Dry River Landscape Photos. Empty River Terrain Rocks Sediments and Tree Trunks. Kallada river photos snapped during Tour Trip, Thenmala/ Kollam/ Kerala/ India

river landscape photos,landscape of a dry kallada river photographed during tour trip to thenmala in kollam district of kerala the south indian state
Kallada river landscape, Trees in river delta
River bed photo snaps, more clearly speaking the river landscape of an almost dry riverbed. The landscape which came visible when the dam upstream the river is closed seemed attractive to me and posting some of the photos here. The photographs are taken from a part of one of Kerala's beautiful western ghat river named Kallada.. The part of this river from where these photos are taken are considered 100 percent dangerous zone when the river is flowing with enough water and 50 percent dangerous even it's not without much water.

Our tour trip towards Thenmala eco tourism spots, parappar dam and the famous Palaruvi waterfalls was in the month of August 2010. Irony is it's the time of Monsoons and the river was seen almost empty. We just got down into the river bed for some snaps and any tourist or traveler happened to pass through here would have done it for the sight of the empty river bed is so interesting with much rocks and deltas of sand. Anyway the river was not fully dead as a small stream is finding its way through the rock filled river landscape calmly in deeper areas, and with a little violence in those places having some rock obstructions.
There was two different nature for the river landscape. One with huge rocks filled dangerous looks and other with small sand deltas and small trees giving the river a lovely scenic face. The huge river rocks are already posted in the river danger zone post and will be posted more soon, and wht you can see here is the soft and a little scenic landscape of the river terrain.

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Kerala River Danger Zones, Kallada RIver Bed Rocks Photos near Thenmala, Rock Filled River Course of an Empty River orginating from Western Ghat Mountains

yellow caution board seen aside kallada river near thenmala ottakkal lookout,caution board of water authority saying danger zone of river,dont enter river,dangerous rivers of kerala,yellow danger caution board of kerala water authority
Kallada River photos near Thenmala. River Danger Zones
Beside the river that yellow board says, Dangerous Zone of River, entry to the river is strictly prohibited. A caution board erected by Water Authority near Thenmala besides the Kallada river. Last time when i passed through this place the river was full and water level was upto the sand near the caution board.

The river was flowing much calm, filled up with green water that time, and anyone seeing this place will wonder why is such a board placed near a calm slow flowing river like this.The river may appear swimmable and ideal for some water fun. But this time as the river is empty due to the closure of dam shutters i came to know why such a danger caution is given here. Anyone watching the empty river bed will know how dangerous the traps formed of those huge rocks can be to anyone going into the river even if the water level is moderate. Giving you a few picture snaps of the rocky river bed below.

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Thenmala Parappar Dam Reservoir Photos- Keralas Longest Dam Reservoir-Second Largest Irrigation Dam Project- KIP, Unique & Oldest Irrigation Project for Paddy+Garden Tree Crops

thenmala dam,parappar dam,kerala dams and irrigation projects,earthen dams of kerala,kallada irrigation project dam and tree crop development project dam,oldest irrgation project dam of kerala,hydro electric cum irrigation dam project
Thenmala Parappar Earthen Dam Reservoir
Thenmala Parappar Dam, the main dam of Thenmala which is the heart of Kallada Irrigation Project, the oldest irrigation project of Kerala. Parappar dam is having the longest dam reservoir among the dams of Kerala. Eventhough the dam hydel project is focussed on Irrigation process named as Kallada Irrigation Project electricity is also generated here. So its a hydro electric dam cum irrigation  project. The dam reservoir spreads through the shenthurini wildlife sanctury in the valleys of western ghat mountain ranges. 

Thenmala dam is also called Parappar dam as the dam is situated in the place called Parappar near to Thenmala. Parappar dam is an earthen dam which is relatively small in size and broad in base built with rock, sand clay etc. Earthen dams are also termed rockfill dams depending on materials used.. The biggest earten dam of Kerala is the Banasura project in Wayanadu district.

Parappar dam is built across Kallada river which is nourished with its main three river tributaries,  Shentharuni, Kulathupuzha and Kalthuruthi puzha. All the three tributary rivers orginates from the Kulathupuzha ranges of Western ghats. The possibilities to build a dam across river Kallada and develop the irrigation project is considered even before 1958. Even then the hydro irrigation project works got started officially by 1961only, after the project got sanctioned by the Government of Kerala  and an estimate of 13.28 crores was alloted. But the growth, health and functioning of this project is still in progress, pretty funny huh.The project money had increased more than 600 crores from its initial estimate and then again increased to 728 crores by 1999 making it one of the costly irrigation projects of Kerala.

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Kollam Beach photos-Kerala beaches in monsoon season-Golden Beaches of Southern Kerala

kollam beach,monsoon photos of kerala beaches,quilon beach,kerala beaches,kollam,beach with park infront,kollam beach with MG park
Kollam Beach during Monsoons
Kollam beach photos, taken during a small holiday trip. Just a few kilometres  from the heart of kollam town this beach turnout to be a perfect place to relax. Tourism activities are nourishing around this place. The old Mahatma Gandhi park near this beach is renovated now and is on the verge of finishing touches. What you may like is the neatness of this beach along with the golden beach sand which is kept evaded and drenched by those sea waves.

The beach and surroundings is free from the busy city life. Resorts and hotels are just showing up and some of them are facing the beach. Last time when i visited the beach sand was slanting onto the sea but now the sea is in monsoon fury and started eating the beach. A step of sand is formed by the sea waves and now we have to step down to meet the waves.. Seems it to be a natural process and the previous state of the beach will be replenished in a matter of time.

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