Kerala Birds-Woodpecker, Myna-Photos & Bird Facts. Bird watching snaps from Kerala, the South Indian State

Photographing some birds seen around while walking on a rainy day, in the interval i got between rains. Thanking to the 10x optical zoom of the Digital camera, else i would have been unable to get the birds even spotted in the photos, for their tree living, easily disturbed and flying away nature. Also spotted some green  feathered fruit eating birds, but they seemed much busy flying here and there whenever i tried for a snap. They are the pappaya fruit eaters who tastes the papayas right from the trees before anyone can even notice the fruits are ripe there.

Bird watching, Photos and Facts on some Kerala / Indian Birds

Bird watching around my house in Kerala. A heavy downpour just over and i decided to try the camera as bright sunlight spilled onto the wet nature around. What i got in my camera in the birds category apart from nature snaps are some Woodpeckers and Myna or Mina-bird renowned for its singing and talking abilities-the bird photos are posted just below.

Woodpecker on Coconut Tree

wood pecker on a coconut tree, a distant shadow photo of bird woodpecker,maramkothi or maram kothi of kerala india,kerala bird photo
So this is the very same bird species that comes in the advertisement of the major shoe brand, woodlands, claiming their shoe leather will even stand a woodpecker's pecking beak. Hmm the bird has got a universal acclamation on its beak's tearing power huh.

You know what these pecker birds doing when knocking on those tree trunks, they not eating the tree but trying to get a hold of those insects, butterfly larvaes, spiders, worms, cocoons, caterpillars etc which may be hiding deep inside the tree trunk cracks and holes. They pulls out the insects with the drilling efficient beaks and the woodpeckers sticky long toungue does the rest of consuming process.

Some other interesting facts on this bird are, the woodpecker's nostrils are guarded with fine hairs which stops the small wooden and other debris from going inside the nose during the pecking process, by this born tree driller. Something similar guards its eyes too during its beak is at work, a fine membrane covering which closes over the eye balls as needed, as an extra protection with the ordinary eye lids.

Woodpecker's brain is known to be evolved from the time being in orientation and size to adapt the sudden impact from its beak during pecking on hard wood.

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