Forest Tree House @ Thenmala Eco Tourism Deer Park / Kerala / India.Thatched Tree house built of Canes,Bamboo,Ropes etc for tourists. Kerala Eco Tourspot Travel Photos

tree houses,tree house in thenmala deer park,kerala eco tourism spots,kerala tree housesTree house photos from the deer rehabilitation centre of Thenmala / Kollam / Kerala.The tree house is built as a part of eco tourism projects of Thenmala, Kerala. Near to the canopy of the forest trees the tree house stands tall like a watch tower for the vegetation and wildlife around. This tree house is added as one of the many eco tourism attractions in and around Thenmala forests, ie the Shenthuruny wildlife Sanctuary forests of Western Ghats

From olden times man used to make tree houses in forests and in trees near to farm lands, to cater as a safe dwelling from wildlife in the forests and also to guard farm lands and all. These days many of the Nature Tourism spots of Kerala has tree houses mainly for tourists. If the tree house here in Thenmala is just for the sake of climbing up and watching around, their are many tree houses as part of tourist resorts in and around Kerala, mainly in the Wayanadu district, which are equipped with all the amenities a modern tourist will need in his room to make his holiday stays here in Kerala memorable. Most of them are exactly like a well furnished resort room, with balconies. Differentiating them from ordinary resort rooms, they will be made entirely of wood and bamboos and ofcourse will be placed over a tree, thereby people can call them tree house resorts.

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