Candle flame photography, Cellphone camera closeup snaps of candle flames, Some amateur flame shots & photographic thoughts

Photographing Candle flames with cellphone mini digital cameras. Just a few snaps i got from the camera eyes of a SE W810i cellphone. It's a 2 megapixel camera integrated into the phone. The photos of the  Candle flames are snapped with all the lights off inside the room. Keeping the candles in well lit environment during photographing them can make the flame photograph lifeless. 

All the candle flames captured here are either taken in closeups or macro modes of the small 2mp digital camera. The windows aside were kept closed to keep the flames steady for the camera lenses. Eventhough small breeze made them sway a little in some of the photos. Personally i felt the swaying flames little more interesting than the steady sharp candle glows.

Obviously a photographer will always need some life in his snaps. For a candle flame it will be a failure if we ended up unable to capture the feeling of warmth, felt through those amazing colors formed around the glow. The photos were not taken keeping any of photography rocket science and theories in mind, but just following the instincts.

Just tried to focus the camera lens right into the flame and waited to give the click when the flame settles down from the swaying done by the sneaking wind. The task in photographing flames is succeeding to get the warm divine colors naturally as it is for our eyes. Sometimes the auto white-balance of the camera may adjust itself and make the flames far away from the real beauty they have.

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