Fort Cochin Sunsets & Chinease Fishing Nets:Kerala's Golden Beach Sunset sceneries

Golden Sunset photos from Kerala- the God's Country. Fort Cochin, one of the finest tourism spot. A small beach and historically important place to spend your evenings.One of the added beauty of this place are the standing tall Fishing Structures- The Chinese Fishing Nets.

The place is one of the main tourist spots of Kerala. The picturesque Sunsets are more adorable with the presence of that Chinese Fishing Nets..One of the cutest places in kerala to watch Beach Sunset. The beach is a tiny one compared to other beaches in Kerala.

Peculiarity of Fort Cochin is more historic than its landscape beauty. You can see ancient churches built by the Portuguese, remnants of old fort built and later destroyed by the British. and another ancient church the Santacruz Baslica which is worth a visit for the paintings inside the church.
Sunset and a Calm Evening Beach. Photos from Fort Cochin -Kerala

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Sunsets and Fishing nets of the Chinese.Small Clouds like flying cotton swabs..The photographs of sunsets in the background with these Chinese fishing Nets can be seen in every Kerala Tourism brochures published by the department of Tourism here. Telling about Kerala's Scenic beauty and when it comes to Cochin, this place can't be avoided from visiting.

Fort Cochin Sunsets- Photographed with SonyEricsson Cellphone Cameras.

Their is a small walking lane guarded from the tides by chunks of rocks. This picture of the sunset is taken from their. Have to walk through this to reach the small beach. After the Tsunami the area of Beach is a little reduced. A problem that needs urgent attention of the authorities is the pollution done by weeds all over the beach. Water Hyacinth weeds are all over the beach and tourists often complaints that is a little disturbing about this place. But if you are in Cochin as a tourist, you should not avoid this sunset.

How to Reach Fort Cochin:
You can take either Boat or Bus from the Ernakulam town city. Their are buses to Fort Cochin which may seem a little expensive when compared to the Boat fair, which is par below 5 INRs..

Other Tourist Attractions Nearby:
Two Ancient Churches, St Francis Church and Santacruz Baslica.. The lanes of the town are peculiar for the ancient British and Dutch Architectured Buildings.Mattancherry is a place much nearby which you can reach by the boat itself. Mattancherry town is an ancient Trade Centre and also has the historically relevant tour Spots like The Dutch Palace, which is now a small Museum, the famous Jew Street, Jew Synagogue and if you interested in Antiques pieces, this is the place you have to search for in Kerala.

Too many antiquities dealers and shops here in Mattancherry. Some paintings shops too. The street side shops have certain interesting things on display like Gramophones, Old Cameras etc. Their is a Jain temple  here in the Gujarati street.Its better to reach Mattancherry first and by evening move on to Fort Cochin.
Cu here.keep visiting

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Keralas Old Fishing Methods-Chinese Fishing Nets-Fort Cochin Photos and Information

Adding to the previous photo gallery of Fort Cochin Sceneries, here comes one of the main peculiarity of this place.Chinese fishing nets, a fishing structure used since the olden times by the fisher men here..These structures are added attraction to the tourism value of this place-Fort Cochin..

This linear installation of massive fishing nets are operated daily and each of them needs about 6 people to operate. Balanced equally and rhythmically with stone weights tied to ropes dangling from particular points of this fishing structure, can say the fish nets are an absolute state of art by the Chinese.

Chinese Fishing Nets Placed In a Row-Photographed from Fort Cochin-Kerala
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Borrowed Chinese Wisdom....Fishing Net Structures Installed along the Beach of Fort Cochin. Held together tight and balanced. Using Ropes and weights. Supporting poles are pierced deep into the sea shore.

If you happen to be here in Fort Cochin, by evenings you may witness fishermen operating these fishing nets and taking the small catches. Being a shallow water fishing method, by the sea shores only, can't expect bigger catches. But moderate enough to cater the needs of people who may be their in the fish market that day.

Chinese Fish Nets, a Traditional Way of Fishing- Photographed from Cochin
fishing-methods-in-kerala,chinease-fish-nets-photos,fishing in beaches,fort-cochin-attraction,sonyericsson photography
Another Snap of the Fishing nets of China. Photographed with Sony Ericssson K750i Cellphone Cameras.

These wooden fishing structures are supposed to be bought here to Cochin by ancient Chinese traders. Cochin of Kerala was one of the major spices Trading Centers of India. Still their are a few spice shops in an around and much of them are functioning in the Jew Street of Mattancherry-Cochin.

The fishing nets supported bu poles and balanced by hanging stone weights in ropes of different lengths, will immerse into the water by even the weight given by a man walking to the tip of the structure. Operated by cantilevers the structure spreads to an area of about 20 meters. Ie the nylon nets fixed on the structures may cover upto 20 meters..

Another peculiarity is the fishes are sold then itself to the needed people around, and if you a tourist, then too an option is there to buy some fish and get cooked from the hotels nearby. Crabs, Prawns,fishes like Pomfrets etc are seen in the fresh Fish Market here. And if you wandering in the fish-market, watchout for the crabs, there may be some mischievous ones which may have escaped from the baskets and waiting to give u a small prick.

Their are churches around, that too ancient Churches with some tradition.You can pray their to save from irritated crab's sweet bites. Nothing serious buddy, just kidding, ofcourse alive crabs for sale are their, but they won't bite you escaping from those little knots done by fishermen.
Cu..The coming post is from here fort Cochin, but that is a cute sunset gallery with these Chinese Fishing nets..

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Kerala Dam Photos Names & Info links-Irrigation cum hydro electric dams of Kerala-India

Photos and information on river dam reservoirs  and spillways from different parts of Kerala. Photos of both irrigation and hydro electric dam projects available. The list is not complete, but keeps filling as time passes.

kerala dam names


 Names of dams in Kerala. Both hydro electric and irrigation dam names listed. Hydro electric dam names and details like rivers they are built, number of dams in a hydel project etc given detailed.

irrigation projects

 Photos froman Irrigation dam project of Kerala.

kerala rivers with dams

 Dams and Rivers in which they are built

malampuzha dam

 Malampuzha dam, the famous Irrigation project of Palakkad district and a renown dam touriam point.

sholayar dam

 Sholayar, a dam inside the forests of western Ghats.

lower sholayar dam

sholayar dam photos

penstock photos

Hydro Electric dam penstock pipe.

chalakkudy dam

chalakudy or sholayar dam photos

meenkara dam


meenkara irrigation dam reservoir

gayathry river project

Gayathri Irrigation project, meenkara dam

pothundy dam

pothundy dam, palakkad kerala, india. photos of dam reservoir, catchment area etc

mangalam dam, palakkad dams


Mangalam dam f palakkad. Another irrigation project of Kerala.

dam reservoir photos

photos  reservoir of an irrigationdam 

Thenmala parappar dam

One of the oldest Irrigation project dams in Kerala. Oldest and biggest irrigation network dam that comes under KIP. Photos of dam reservoir wall, catchment area spillway etc. Hydro electricity also produced here.. 

Weir Dam or Water level regulatory dam

Weir dam of Thenmala, Kollam, the point from which KIP canals are getting fed with water. The photos given here are taken when the dam was empty. The place is also called lookout point of Thenmala as there is a tower to watch the dam and premises for the tourists visiting the places.

tay glues, more photo links coming..

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Waterfalls Photos-Names/Kerala-South India

Photos of Waterfalls with names and other info mostly from the South Indian state Kerala. The photogallery keeps growing from the day to day travel trips.

Kerala Waterfalls

kerala waterfalls 

Athirapally waterfalls

- Photos and info about the famous waterfalls, Athirapilly in Thrissur district
of Kerala.

big waterfalls

More photos from Athirapally waterfalls tour spot.  

charpa waterfalls

another famous waterfalls in Thrissur, Kerala, 

kerala waterfalls-river names

Photos and names of Waterfalls of Kerala along with names of Rivers and its tributaries. Length of Kerala's rivers also provided in Kilometres.

river side riparian forests

- Riparian Forest photos from the river beds of chalakkudy river in Athirapally. Riparian forests are peculiar vegetation only found in river beds.

small waterfalls

Charpa Waterfalls photos, a road side waterfalls scenery en route athirapilly.

thrissur waterfalls

Athirapally photos

pamba falls

Photos of a small waterfall

Athirapally waterfalls and dam controversy

comment your opinions abour Athirapilly dam controversy here in this post.

Palaruvi Waterfalls

Photos and info on one of the most famous waterfalls of Kerala. Tourist info like contact phone numbers, tourist activities available in the forests of palaruvi, rates of trekking trips etc given.

mini waterfalls Thenmala

Small seasonal waterfalls seen aside road to Thenmala near Ottakkal lookout point.

Kuttikkanam Waterfalls

a waterfalls near to the hill station of Kuttikanam named as Ninnumully waterfalls or Valenjenganam falls.

Arippara Calicut

Rapid river stream through rocks in the river named Iruvanjypuzha photographed from calicut district, Kerala.

stay glued...for more photos of waterfalls..

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Arabian Night Dark Violet Dahlia Flowers- dahlia gardening tips and plant facts

One more flower species into the kerala flower database of Pixelshots photo blog. The photographs are taken using sonyericsson Cellphone camera of K750i. The flower pictures are re-sized and saved in lowest quality before being uploaded here in pixelshots.  

Dahlia Violet Flowers- Flower Facts & Garden Plant care information with Closeup Photos of Arabian-Night Violet Dahlia:
Violet Flowers from the garden photos. Cute dark violet flowers of Dahlia. These species of dahlias are termed as Arabian Nights. May be due to the dark violet colour of the flower it got tugged with the word night. Photos of the violet flowers by a friend from his home garden.

Dahlia Flower Facts:
Dahlias are perennial tuberous plants which have about 30,000 species. They are natives of Mexico and central America. moreover dahlias are now the national flower of Mexico. Mostly the flowers are grown for their waxy bright flowers in a variety of colors. Various hybrid species are developed to gave stunningly colour blended flowers. Other than as a garden flower dahlia plants are good food for some larvae and moths.
Dahlias are just brightly colored attractive flowers and they lack the quality-Flower Fragrance. Dahlia flowers usually are seen with medium sizes like other garden flowers. The fact is their are species which is as small as diameter of 5cm and size ranges upto 30cm. Hmm haven't met a 30 Cm one yet. Dahlia flowers of the size given in the photos are common in kerala, but not the 30 cm one. These big flowers of dahlias, ie with that 30 cm diameter are named as 'Dinner Plates'..
violet dahlia flowers,arabian-night,dalia flower,kerala flowers,dahlia flower facts,flower closeup photo
Dark Violet Arabian Night Dahlia flower Closeup shot.One interesting fact happened to notice is the buds and flowers always has a bowed head, As if they are so humble. May be so shy to look over the sun shine above. Its a true fact that these flowering plants hate direct sunlight.

Ideal Conditions to Grow Dahlias In your Garden:
 As said above dahlia plants don't like the direct stare of sun. Ideal light for these garden plants is indirect sunlight, likely to be in a small shade, but not a dark pitch black shade, no need to say so i think.. About the soil condition, the plant of Dahlias needs well drained soil. The plants usually grows healthy in tropical conditions without much cold or hot weather.

Its favorable to keep the moisture of the soil by adequate watering. the plant needs some support as they are mostly perennial in nature. If they happen to fall down, possible reduction in blooming of the flowers are seen. Windy weather conditions makes it a must that you  give a support for the plant to grow straight. Often large flowers of these garden plants will make the flowers dangle down demanding the gardener to give a proper support.

Dahlias can be grown healthier in lightly loose soil enriched with ordinary organic manure like bone meal or decomposing vegetative matters. The plant needs caring and healthy manuring till the flowers are to come. To get healthy big flowers the plant has to be cared accordingly.

dahlia flower closeups,violet-garden-flower,fresh-violet-dahlias,dahlia plant facts,kerala-flowers,pixelshots-flower-photography
Dark Violet Pointed Densely arranged petals. More than enough for a bee to get attracted into. The waxy looking brightly colored flowers have made Dahlias much popular among gardeners. In flower shows and exhibitions varieties of these dahlias are often found, and their presence is absolutely justifiable for their beauty. Commonly these flowers last for a few days provided they are not cut off from the plant. Gradually the petal colors fades off and the elder gives way for younger buds to smile on the world around.

Dahlia Plant Propagation Methods:
The garden plant is usually and widely propagated from their tuberous stems. The carefully knife cut stems can be rooted in moist sand and later transplanted into garden pots etc. The plant needs the support as they grows up and some species can standout without one after sufficient growth. Dahlias can also be propagated from the seeds. Sowing them in moist well drained soil makes the seeds sprout within  7 to 20 days.After two or three sets of leaves are seen the plants can be transferred into pots. The month for propagation of dahlias is normally from March to April. 

Pruning Dahlia Garden Plants:
For getting healthy big flowers pruning of Dahlia plants should be maintained as needed. For shrub like growth of the plant the tip of the growing stem after 3 or four steps of leaves can be done. By the time of budding, if you care to get bigger flower than a numerous number of flowers, should care to pinch out a few number of buds keeping the healthier ones.

Their are some orange Dahlia plants in my garden and the care given to it is literally null.For me not caring the garden much anymore no feeding or replanting of the dahlia is done yet.The fact about it is it comes like a visitor by the months of  November or December. ie the plant seed starts sprouting out then..Within a month starts flowering  and becomes the main attraction around with those bunches of light orange flowers. They are usually hard colored orange flowers by birth and gradually fades out. By the end of flowering season the plant entirely dies off leaving the place even without a mark, and meets me again by next season. Pretty cool  member of my garden..
cu soon...

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Chembakam- White plumeria Flowers with Exotic Fragrance|Kerala Flower Photos

More to flower photography from Kerala.. This time presenting you photos of a bunch of pure white flower bouquet of 'Chembakams' as they are named in Malayalam the local language of Kerala. Commonly these flowers are termed as Frangipani or Plumerias.

Flowers with Exotic Fragrance-Pure White Plumeria or Frangipani Flower Facts and Photos-By pixelshots from Cochin
 A bunch of white flower beauties who are not not just good to see but very sweet in nature too, provided your scale to goodness is fragrance and look, not strength. For me i will say a flower species i saw yet which has a fragrance beyond words. Something you have to really feel on, and its not your fault if you miss some moments unknowingly with her!..Everybody does if still alive and haven't lost senses..
Unity is Strength! Ofcourse lethal strength of flower Fragrance.Plumeria Flowers
Flowers and buds of Chembakam.Simple white flowers with white petals spreaded out from a yellow core. Have to say a masterpiece work contributed by God towards the flower kingdom. A nice pure white innocent member of the flower family.

Coudn't get much information regarding the medicinal strength of the flower, but sure about is used in perfume industry. They can't help avoiding such a natural refreshing smell. Have to say may feel a little heady to some people, something like a stimulating concentrated fragrance.
Another photograph of the white bouquet of plumeria flowers.
This time the difference is used a cellphone camera for the snap unlike the digitalcam shoot done above. The plant is having slender branches and bleeds white fluid if you make cuts. It can grow like a tree and you can choose these plants as a part of your garden if you like fragranted garden air, particularly by sunrises as they keeps blooming with the sun..

Pulmeria Flower Facts and Information: Some details on Flowers Named Chembakam In Kerala/India:
Talking some fact about the flowers, these are natives of tropical and subtropical  Americas and now common in Asian continent. A plant which has nearly 10 species and a variety of  colors among the flowers. They are usually shrubs or trees and often used in religious purposes. in Temples they are not used daily but during Balis.

Superstitions are their as these plants are places where mythical spirits and ghosts resides. An interesting thing is they keeps cheating the insects with their exotic hard fragrance. As they depends moths like insects for pollination, usually blooms in night and the insects keeps searching the flowers for nectar and the fact is that they have the fragrance only, not a single drop of honey. Pretty cool cheating huh.But came to know that the white sap of the plant is poisonous..

These flowers are photographed from the Subhash Park in Cochin/Kerala. Planted aside the cobble stoned sidewalk, they keeps smiling to people walking through. The park is an ideal place to get a refresh from the busy world just outside,particularly a nice place to spend your evenings with that orange tinted horizon and setting sun..

Talking about some photography, it comes easy to get the focus locked right on relatively bigger subjects like these flowers unlike macro. If you got a similarly colored background for the subject, often watched the camera brains in confusion and we have to sort it out with slight angle changes and refocusing. Anyway the more we experimenting the more we knows the photo gadget in our hands.
Cu soon..

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St Alphonsa's Life,Clay Portraited in Alphonseum;St Alphonsa's Home Museum in Kudamaloor

Main events in St Alphonsa's life portrayed inside Alphonseum, St Alphonsa's Home, and now a museum. Some of the major happenings in the Saint's life. Some of the events gave her happiness while some others were providers of utter grief.Anyway these are some of the happenings that influenced her on her spiritual journey. It was said that she had strong desire towards spiritual life from her childhood itself. Read somewhere that she burnt her leg intentionally to stop parents from compelling her to marry someone.Preaches and teachings from priests of her church influenced her to lead a spiritual life.
 saint alphonsa,baby-alphonsa-and-mother-portrait,inside-alphonsas-home,alphonseum,clay-portraits,kudamaloor-museum
A portrait showing baby Alphonsa with her Mother. She was an unfortunate kid who lost her mother after 3months from birth. Written above the portrait that "I could enjoy my mothers affection only for three months"  Life of St Alphonsa was filled with sufferings due to diseases. And now she is considered for the very same thing, ie Saint for curing Diseases.
Artist portrayed one of the main events in her life, infact in every Christians life, the day when he/she becomes a christian, The very day of Baptism..Christians has a religious belief, that everyone by birth we are only the child of our human parents and needs to undergo Baptism,a  religious ritual in which a child is labeled as child from the God.The ritual gives him the entry to Christianity and is also the remedy for the sin by Birth  he got from his parents..Baptism is also termed as second birth by christians.Its by this time parents declares his name before others and is enrolled in the church as a member of the community.

St Alphonsas baptism was at her home parish in Kudamaloor Kottayam. ie at the Ancient Kudamaloor St Mary's church. Still the baptism basket carved from rock happened to be used for St Alphonsa is preserved inside the church. If you coming to kudamaloor this church may be the first place you visit. Its worth a visit not only for the church's age but for the artistic European paintings done in the Altar.
alphonsamma,little-alphonsa-with-grandmother,portrait-in-museum-showing-alphonsas-life,St alphonsa-and-grandmother
St Alphonsa's childhood. From the death of her mother she was bought up by her grandmother with affection and care. Written above the picture that, "My Grandma brought up  me up with love and tender care,singing songs and telling me stories. Like all of us she too had a loving grandmother.These are only a few events of her life.Some more are their ,like her holy communion, her meeting with father after vestition etc. which are clay portrayed in the museum Some models shows her special character of forgiving even in childhood when fellow students does mischief. Her life after schooling till she became a nun was at Bharanangynam. Her tomb  now resides there in the church of Bharanagyanam which is now one of the most visited christian pilgrim spots in Kerala.

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Inside Christian Saint Alphonsas home,Sister Alphonsa pictures & her Father's Room, Kudamaloor,Kerala

Continuation of the previous post on St Alphonsa. More about the catholic woman Saint sister Alphonsa from Kerala / India. The photos here are from inside her native home at kudamaloor village of Kottayam / Kerala. The old small home now kept as a museum named Alphonseum or museum of St Alphonsa. The photos and the old small home gives the visitors a view of her childhood and the simple lifestyle she had.A must visit among the Christian Pilgrimage places in Kerala / India
Alphonsa-photos,alphonsamma-picture,portrait-sister-Alphonsa,alphonsamma,Saint Alphonso,Sister-Alphonsa-painting
A portrait of the simple Woman who born in a common small family, in a small village of  Kerala, but  became a Saint for the entire catholic community around the world. She left us giving a message, "Doesn't matter how you are born, but matters how you live and die"!. Their are great peoples who does good to fellow beings and dies off, their are people who does good to others when they die!, but saints are those who keeps doing favours to others even after death!.Death is a gain to these people as they have  special place and powers in  the kingdom of God and keeps helping us from there.
Saint Alphosnas's home museum. What is written in Malayalam over the door frame is' Alphonsammayude pithavu kidannirunna muri' which means "The room used by St Alphonsa's father.The photo was taken from outside the real small house but inside Alphonseum. ie to preserve this small holy place a covering to the house is built around like a Nalukettu. Along the sidewalk events from the Saints life are portrayed. Ofcourse you can enter this small house. This is not a place where you can expect antiques and sculptures but a holy place which witnessed the childhood of a Catholic Saint. So its more to a christian pilgrimage centre than a museum. The place is much remote and its her sainthood that made this place Kudamaloor known to the World.

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Alphonseum,Saint Alphonsa Home Museum;Saint Alphonsa photos & Belongings

Photographs from inside the christian Saint Alphonsa's Home, now turned into a museum for the Pilgrims. The events in her life along with the holy belongings are preserved here in her home. The museum is named as Alphonseum. In a previous post i have given you the photos of surroundings of this home and a small chappel nearby. The small old home has undergone some reworks and is preserved now like a Nalukettu- the traditional architecture style of kerala..
alphonsa photos,alphonsamma pictures,christian-saint-alphonsa,alphonsas-portrait,inside-alphonsas-home-kudamaloor,alphonsas-home-museum
St Alphonsa. The first woman saint of India.
A portrait picture of the saint placed inside her old home.Their is only a few rooms small rooms inside. Nothing much but some furnitures, photos and utensils are preserved inside. The beds used by St Alphonsa and her father are displayed. Round the newly built veranda of the Nalukettu you can see her childhood events picturized. Will be posting them soon in the coming posts.

alphonsa Kudamaloor Home,christian saint woman,saint-alphonsa-home,sister-alphonsa-native-home,inside-saint-alphonsas-home-kudamaloor,janmagriham -alphonsa,kerala-women-saint
Home Sweet Home..
Front door of St alphonsa's home. Its so small and narrow to enter, Like the Holy BIBLE says, "door to heaven is always narrow and difficult to enter".. But am glad that it was easy for me to go in..

The writing in Malayalam is 'Janma Griham', means 'native home'..What you may feel visiting this place is, how simple was her life from birth itself. The small little girl from this little home in a little village is now world renown and people prays her as an intermediary to God. An intermediate to God whrn praying cure for   diseases and sufferings.. 

Saint Alphonsa's Home is situated at Kudamaloor village in Kottayam district of Kerala state. if you intend to give a visit here don't miss the nearby holy places.Also you can visit her home church- St Mary's Ferona church where she had her baptism and the baptism basket is preserved there. Its an ancient church. About 40 Kms from the place the famous Pilgrimage centre of Christians, Bharananganam where you can see Saint Alphonsamma's Tomb and a church.. Peoples keep coming to this tomb and church for their are miracles of curing reported by praying her from here.The photos from the saints tomb will be posted soon.Photos taken with Nokia Cellphone camera of 2Mp.

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Violet Tiny Garden Flowers:Closeup Photos of Garden flowers in Kerala

Another gallery of flowers.This time the tiniest violet flower from my home garden. Infact was just trying out the macro focus and other manual settings of the camera Cannon powershot A530. Favourabile factor here than the other cell phone photogalleries is, am using a Digital Camera. Unfavourable thing is. Bad weather, Cloudy and windy.

The flower photos seems a little more noisy than the other flower galleries for i compressed it to the max after resizing.Sorry guys have to do so for the sake of  minimizing page load time. The actual picture came out of the camera was about 2Mb and after compressing got sliced down to a few Kbs.

Tiniest Flower In my Garden- Small violet flowers

violet tiny flowers,closeup mode photo of tiniest garden flower,violet flowers photographed using cannon powershot

The violet tiny flower pairs, photographed from a shrub like garden plant. A plant with tiny leaves and tiny flowers which blooms all along the small branches like little violet spots all over.

Macro Mode Shot of Violet Flowers- Garden Flower Photos

 violet flowers,cannon a530 digital camera sample pictures,flowers in gardens of kerala state
Violet tinies, smallest flowers in the garden.
Giving a try in macro mode of the camera and, this the maximum closer snap i got in the manual focus settings. Was aiming on the nearest flower, and the most annoying thing was the uneven wind which kept disturbing the flower. No complaints, its ma fault to get out their in a cloudy, windy day just before the rain..Just wanted to experiment with the camera's capability to see minute things.

What i felt was to do better clicking in manual focusing mode; at the maximum closer point to the subject, need a steady hand and ofcourse a steady subject. Rest depends on the gadget in your hands.The photos are taken with a digital camera of  5MP in manual spot focusing mode.To be honest am feeling better with the macro photographs done by 2Mp Sony cellphones than this.

What it demands may be more care and experience to get the perfect result. should keep experimenting i think!!A request to you, if you know the name of this tiny flower species please do comment the name below. Help us from keeping the flower an unidentified one...
Cu soon ..Pixelshots

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Ritual Folk Dance of Kerala-Theyyams, part of Kerala's colourful Culture and Tribal Arts

Theyyams- Kerala's cultural and traditional art forms. A must see event if you came as a tourist to the God's own country-Kerala. Apart from a form of art, Theyyams are part of rituals done by the hindu community mainly in the Northern Kerala. A type of  folk-dance in which the dancer is given an unnatural appearance with colours and face-masks along with decoratives made of palm leaves and metal ornaments. Infact it is a Dance form of the Hindu Gods. Another peculiarity of these Hindu ritual art form is the dancers are usually from particular cast and families who has taken Theyyams as a traditional Art, ie enacting the spiritual characters before the others a must for them which is kept done from the time of  their ancestors itself..

In certain areas of Kerala these Dance forms are  also known as Thirayattam instead of  Theyyam. The ritual dance theyyattam is derived from words theyyam and Aatam.. Theyyam means God and Attam means Dance, which inturn give the meaning of God's Dance..The ritualistic event is done as a part of worshiping the Spirits or Hindu Gods which is usually done near to the place where God is believed to be present, like Kaavu(densely preserved forest covering a relatively small area).
 A Theyya Kolam or Theyyam.. Photographed from  Thrishur district of Kerala. This ritual was conducted as a part of a small temple festival or Pooram.
The peculiar makeup is all done using native colours.Their are a numerous forms theyyams and no two among them can have the same style of makeup.The big crown called 'Mudi'  can have heights upto 60 feets depending on the type and nature of God they represents. Its made of wooden planks, stripes of bamboo, and arecanut tree wood. Palm leaves are usually stitched on to decorate along with red flowers and vibrantly colored clothes according to the local culture. Some forms of Theyyam wear kireedam or crown very similar to the one used in Kadhakali- another art form of Kerala. Some of these Theyyams like vishnumoorthy and pottan often dance and walks over fire and they usually has a waist wear made of coconut leaves. The nature of dance and the makeups depends on the spirits they represents. Their are different folk music(tottams) praising the particular God accompanying each theyyatams.
A Theyyam representing Bhagavathy a Hndu Godess.It's natural to think this a Woman artist behind, but is a man. Skillful natural makeup is done behind the scenes, by hands well versed in the tribal art forms.

Amongst the God's their are man and Woman characters as by the Hindu holy books. So the ritual art forms are done in the musculine(Tandava) and feminine(Lasya) ways depending on the spiritual character behind. Its belived that the God is standing infront in the form of Theyyam and as the ritual progresses the dancers gets posessed by the spirits. They starts giving blessings to the worshipers.At the end the dancer proclaims the presence of the God in the place and pour blessings to the people around.

Theyyams are performed in the northern Part of kerala from the ancient times and started evolving from time to time as new communities like Brahmins migrated into the place. As time passed New forms of  the Ritual Dance-Theyyams evolved combining with the ones existed in the native. Theyyams are performed by tribal communities like Velan, Malayan and Vannan from traditional times. Its said that the native art of Kaliyattam is transformed into Theyyam as part of the Cultural integration with Brahmins and the Natives of Kolothunadu ,the northern part of Kerala.These religious ritual dance are conducted usually from the month of December to April along the temples and Kaavu of the Northern Kerala.Its counted to be around 400 types of Theyyams in here.The particular Dance form can be part of festivals of the temples and usually lasts for about  days.

The photographs given here are not the fine ones and just posted for the sake of telling about the famous art forms of kerala..Be in Kerala by the time of Theyyams if you a Tourist and wanna feel the spirit and culture of this place.. Surely you can meet the Gods here, in the Very God's Own Country..

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Water Hyacinth Flowers-Violet Flower of the Worst Aquatic plant Weed from Kerala Rivers

What about water weeds?.Water Hyacinth, an aquatic plant floating in fresh water bodies like rivers ponds etc..They have slender round leaves and light violet flowers. Its happens to be like a violet flower feast when they usually blooms.. They spreads like violet carpet all over the rivers and ponds.. But the problem is, the Spreading itself.. They can spread faster and fierce, and when got destroyed they pollutes the entire water body.Recently these ones came in news, as they  clogged into the shutter of one of the Kerala's river dam and made some destruction to the dam's sidewalls during heavy water inflow.

Water Hyacinth a native of the Amazons, is termed as one of the worst aquatic weed in the world..These water weeds were imported to Australia as aquarium plants. As they had the capability to spread and flower even in small garden ponds, they spread as a aquatic garden plant very fast. Inturn they spread into the rivers and started making the real menance.. Within no time these aquatic plant carpet spread across, covering the rivers. Resulting in greater difficulties for navigation, recreation, irrigation and generation of power.
Dennis the Menance.. Na Hyacinth the Menace..
The violet flower of the aquatic plant. Sometimes they blooms in groups, giving the entire surface of rivers and ponds a violet colour, like a violet carpet spread over.. These flowers can't be used for decoration for they can't sustain fresh for much time if got plucked. And very fragile too. Water weeds can spread so fast covering the rivers soo dense outgrowing all the fellow aquatic plants. As they dominate, life under water, both plants and fishes starts declining due to lack of dissolved oxygen content. They hardly gives the water surface to be in contact with the atmospheric air.If you watch the roots of these ones you will notice small bubbly root formation, which may be helping them to float on. 

The floating pairs.. Flowers of the floating water plant Hyacinth..Termed as Kula-Vazha in Malayalam the language of kerala
If we account the problems created by these in the natural environment there are many.. These plants usually squeezes other forms of life around and they grows so fast and wide, and dense..An acre of  healthy water hyacinth can weight upto 200 tonnes, clumsier than any other aquatic plant.  There will be a large reduction of  aquatic animals and plants as these aquatic plant weeds reduces the water quality.Roots of these ones are perfect breeding place for the mosquitoes and other pathogens.In short they can spread diseases as well as pollute the environment along with blocking the navigation on inland boats.These water weeds also found to affect paddy cultivations.People living near water bodies with these weeds are found to develop skin rashes, cough, malaria, encephalitis and other gastro-intestinal disorders..

But the Australian government came up with a remedy, biological agents against these weeds.. The agents were nothing but moths and beetles which gained a control over the weeds in no time, ofcourse by eating them...

But nothing in this world is useless.. These too have got some peculiar features and uses. Water Hyacinth are rich in fibers in their roots. This feature makes them a preference for making bags, carpets, yarns,ropes,boxes etc from dried out matter of water hyacinth plants. Cottage industries are now running in kerala producing  beautiful handicrafts from these  aquatic plants..Hyacinth is found out to be used as a bio manure like compost,feed for cattles and also possibilities of renewable energy source.. Suspected water filtering capabilities too , which may turn out beneficiary in future.. Anyway, its not possible for God to make something so useless huh....
 Photos taken with SonyEricsson K750i Cellphone camera in macro mode..
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Temple Festivals,Part of Kerala's Culture;Photos of Pooram, from Shiva Temple in Thrissur/Kerala

Being in Kerala its hard to miss these festivals of colours. Poorams that is what these festivals named on in here and means like big gathering or festival. Eventhough its glued to the Temples, irrespective of any religion or cast peoples gathers for the big event, na events. Its many around the state of Kerala by a time of the year. Every Temple will have a big celebration atleast once in a year, and is celebrated by the whole people of the near locality and people comes from distant places depending on the Temple's fame. Elephant processions, Night Fire works, cultural arts, dramas etc are a part of the festival which may last for a number of days. The main attraction of the main day of the Pooram is ofcourse the colorfully decorated Temple elephants and their ornaments.
Temple celebration of Kerala
Tusker Elephants decorated for the show off...
From a temple in Thrissur district of Kerala state.The temple is devoted to Lord Shiva, and you can see the picture of shiva in the ornament called Thidambu held by the mahouts sitting over. The other decoratives used there are Alavattoms and venchamaroms. These are peculiar ornaments made entirely for celebrations and processions related to Temples here in Kerala.
Depicting  Lord Krishna with his Beloved Radha, as said by the Hindu holy books..
So many colourful ornaments and make-outs like this are displayed on the very occasion of these festivals which shows the culture and dignity of the state. Festivals like these are much favorable for our eyes with those colorful ornaments and also for the ears as the drums are kept playing. The group of Instrument set used for the musical background is termed as Panchavadyam- means a combination of 5 instruments are used with the drums.
The post on Kerala's temple festivals is to be continued soon

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