Hogenekkal Tour pictures-Beauty Of the River 'Kauveri' Photos of Aerial view of Rocks,Basket boats,Water falls using cellphones and digital cameras..

One of the famous waterfalls in Tamilnadu state/ India. Visit the place if you want to enjoy the exciting basket boat journey through the river Kauveri.

'Hogenakkel' is a kannada word and it means "Smoking Rock". You will feel the name to be apt, once you visit the place. Yea the rocks are always smoking , not cigarettes but fumes of water droplets are always in the air near them!!!

The people here believes that the water which is flowing through the wild forest has medicinal value for it is flowing over medicinal plants in the forest throughout its course. The best time to visit the place is just after the monsoon (july-august) when the water falls are in its full strength.
We visited the place as a part of our academic tour programme. This was the most exciting place among the entire tour programme.

We happened to be there in off season ie during the month of January. So don't expect the place to be like this if you are going there in the right time. You will be seeing more parallel water falls and a strong furious river if you are there just after the monsoon.

Just have a feast on the photos of the vibrant adventurous river journey and those cute basket boats..You can see the aerial view of the whole place shot from a look out placed in a height..

landscape scenery of river flowing between rocks and basket boats moving through the river photographed from hogenekkal india,rocky river banks of river kauveri in hogenekkal,hogenekkal aerial photo,tamilnadu riversThe summary of this place in a single photo..

"How you feel, wanna visit a place like this.You can see a number of basket boats in the river. Can you imagine the water level increased upto the place where the photographer stands.People there said that it happens during rainy season when the river gets flooded. The photo was taken from a lookout bridge near the falls"

Photo by:Samitha (adoor)
Camera: Canon Powershot A530(5mp)
Focus mode:Auto
hogenekkal waterfalls photograph in summer season tour trip,tamilnadu tourist attractions,south indian rivers "The water falls; Weaker now due to scarcity of water in the river."

This is only a part of the water falls in the place.During the season you can see so many parallel water falls along the rocks.

Photo by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson K750i(2mp)
Focus mode:auto

landscape of rocks and rivers and steps going down to the basket boat journey starting point in hogenekkal,polished river side rocks,steps to river bank,south indian tour trips,hogenekkal"Steps to the adventurous journey of your life.. Believe me its is breath taking."
These places goes under water during monsoon. You can enter into the river course from this point. The Boatmen are waiting downside.

Photo by: Prejith
Camera: Cyber Shot DSC W35(7mp)
Focus mode:auto

rocky landscape of polished rocks by the river water in hogenekkal,water polished river roks,rocky river bank,tamilnadu rivers"Look at the stones.. They are smoothly carved and polished by water."
Now you people got the proof for what i said before. All these places go under water during heavy rainy season!!!!

Photo by:Sreerag
Camera: Canon Powershot A530(5mp)
Focus mode:Auto

basket boats in hoganekkal with boat men waiting for tourists,for a river boat journey through river kauvery,basket boats,tamilnadu river tours,south indian boating river tour"The boarding place..The boatmen are waiting for you guys.Don't hesitate, get in!! You are into an adventurous journey."
Don't be afraid. They are trained people. Do you know, they have to row the boats through harsh river currents and save 3, (3 or 5 am not sure) drowning people alone from the river to acquire their liscence as boat men.

Photo by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson K750i(2mp)
Focus mode:auto

The journey just started here..You can join me and continue in the coming postings just coming..

Cu there....... On the boat.... don't forget to wear a life jacket when you are coming..

Take care friends..Joining you soon.. In the next post....
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  8. The photos are really informative. Boating also really made a adventure feel, but disputes between Tamilnadu and Karnataka regarding a dam proposal makes everyone feel bad impressive.

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