Old British Built Hanging Bridge,Punalur tookupalam,one of two Indian Vehicular Suspension Bridges built by British engineers

punalur hanging bridge,tooku paalam,only south indian hanging bridge,one of two british built Indian hanging bridge,tookupalam of kerala built in 1877,vehicular hanging bridge of kerala indiaThe Hanging Bridge of Punalur,Kerala, the only vehicular hanging bridge of Kerala and the second one in India built by the British. This old hanging bridge is now under the authority of archeology department, and is under maintainance.
The construction and engineering of this hanging bridge marvel dates back to 1877, by a British engineer named Albert Henry. The bridge is situated across river Kallada and joins the Kollam -Chengotta state highway which is now NH 208, starting from Kollam and ending at Thirumangalaom in Tamilnadu. This snap is taken from one of the entrance of the hanging bridge.

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