Big Trees @ Thenmala Ecotourism Deer Park. Photos of River and Mixed Deciduous Forest Trees in southern regions of Western Ghats.

Photos of  Big trees found in the Thenmala forests and the river Kallada that find its way through this green lush evergreen forests of western ghats found here. The nature of the forest here in and around Shenduruny Wildlife Sanctuary is mixed deciduous forest with evergreen ones. The trees here in this post are photographed from the Deer park of Thenmala eco tourism. Most of the trees found here are huge tall evergreen trees-the typical Western Ghat Nature. The deer park is meant to protect the deers used to stay out of inner forests.

tree photos from western ghat forests,trees of thenmala forests,schenthuruny wildlife sanctuary trees,mixed deciduous forest trees,thenmala eco tourism deer park treesThe greenery of the forest is preserved around the park as the name suggests- ECO TOURISM. Have found some interesting trees along the river side of this park. Interesting in the sense of trunk shapes and sizes especially when coming to the bottom part. Most of the forest trees in this park are having a name board telling their names including scientific names. Some of the trees found here are Therakam, Karanjili, Kambakom, Karimarom etc. You may have heard about Kambakom, the tree renowned for its strength and which is used in the construction of bridges and even elephant training cages in olden times. The vehicular hanging bridge of Punalur was having Kambakom wooden planks in its platform.

The tree to the above right is seen while we walking around in the deer park after snapping some of the deers there inside the fenced part of the deer rehabilitation. Comparing to other ones this tree is small, but the tree trunk appeared like layers rooted into the ground.

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