Mickey Mouse Flowers, Red Flower with Black seeds, Kerala Flower Photos

Some more garden flowers from Kerala. Bright red flowers with twin black seeds, named as Mickey mouse flowers. The mickey Mouse plant is native of Vietnam and this is one of the most adored flower in Vietnam. Truly speaking the actual flower is a yellow flower, and these red sepals with the seed is what remains after the flower is gone. 

Mickey Mouse flowers are used for the traditional new year celebrations of Vietnam. These flowers are from a tree species named Ochna integerrima. When looked on face to face these flowers may seem similar to the mickey mouse face with two big black eyes, that have given it the name mickey mouse flower.

mickey-mouse-flowers,black-seeded-bright-red-flowers-named-mickey-mouse,kerala-flower-photos,closeup-photo-red-flower,Ochna integerrima,vietnamese-flowers 
Mickey Mouse Flower from Kerala, The bright red flower with black seeds soaked in rain droplets

Flower photos taken with cannon powershot A530 in manual focus mode. Was just wandering with the camera through my home garden after a rain. Wanted to get the flowers as close as i could.

These mickey mouse plants, na not plants, mickey mouse trees!, are grown from those black seeds and i found some smaller ones around the main tree. These ones needs literally no care at all from the experience here, they just keeps growing there unnoticed in abandoned place.

cu around, in  just a matter of time, more Kerala Flowers is going to bloom here.

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Rain Drop Macro Photo, Rain Drop tied in Plantain Leaf String, a Cannon Powershot A530 picture

A raindrop Macro shot. Wandering around on a rainy day for something edible for the camera lens i encountered this water droplet. Was intending to check the ability of the camera to focus closer. This is the maximum least focal length i got for a Canon PowerShot A530 Digi Cam. The closest focusing distance in manual settings. Was just trying to get a closer snap.

The tied up Rain Drop.
The string is just a fiber stretching from the tip of a plantain leaf. Rain just poured off and the drop still remains unable to defy the force of adhesion from the string. The droplet may haven't thought of a trap like this when rolling down through the leaf.

The problem with manual focusing is, our hands have to be rock steady along with the subject in focus there. I think the camera done a better job. Wish i could have get the reflection of me from the droplet if i had an SLR with macro lens. Anyway have to keep experimenting to get the best out of a Digital camera.
cu soon

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Lonely Tree beside the Sea, Photo fom Subhash park, Cochin-kerala

A tree photographed from the Subhash Park near Marine drive Cochin. Just an amateur snap in an evening walk. Photographed using Cannon powershot A530
Lonely tree, Beside the sun and the Sea. Subash park is a major relaxing point for people in the Cochin town of Kerala during the evenings. It opens by 3pm and closes around 9pm. The view from here is to the shipyard of Cochin in Wellington island, the artificially created island from dredging..This is the point where the Vembanad lake meets the Arabian Sea.

Boat services to nearby tourist attractions like Mattancherry, Fort Cochin along with long journeys and houseboat tourtrips to the backwater tourist spots of kerala, like Kumarakom and Alappuzha are available from the nearby Boat-Jetty. If you are to visit this park get into the private buses and alight near St Theresas College and if you Want to take the boat Journey or visit Marine drive, alight by the bustop Menaka.

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