Mickey Mouse Flowers, Red Flower with Black seeds, Kerala Flower Photos

Some more garden flowers from Kerala. Bright red flowers with twin black seeds, named as Mickey mouse flowers. The mickey Mouse plant is native of Vietnam and this is one of the most adored flower in Vietnam. Truly speaking the actual flower is a yellow flower, and these red sepals with the seed is what remains after the flower is gone. 

Mickey Mouse flowers are used for the traditional new year celebrations of Vietnam. These flowers are from a tree species named Ochna integerrima. When looked on face to face these flowers may seem similar to the mickey mouse face with two big black eyes, that have given it the name mickey mouse flower.

mickey-mouse-flowers,black-seeded-bright-red-flowers-named-mickey-mouse,kerala-flower-photos,closeup-photo-red-flower,Ochna integerrima,vietnamese-flowers 
Mickey Mouse Flower from Kerala, The bright red flower with black seeds soaked in rain droplets

Flower photos taken with cannon powershot A530 in manual focus mode. Was just wandering with the camera through my home garden after a rain. Wanted to get the flowers as close as i could.

These mickey mouse plants, na not plants, mickey mouse trees!, are grown from those black seeds and i found some smaller ones around the main tree. These ones needs literally no care at all from the experience here, they just keeps growing there unnoticed in abandoned place.

cu around, in  just a matter of time, more Kerala Flowers is going to bloom here.
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  1. very nice shot, didnt know the name - your post helped:) thanks!


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