Hogenekkal Nature Sceneries and Boat journey- photos of basket boat journey, huge rocks, and aerial view photo of the Biggest tourist Attraction.

The continuation and last series of photos from the hogenakkel tour trip..the boat journey is now back to our starting point, from where we boarded in.. Just we had a stop at a sand bank of the river and all have some water plays and bath..

The bank was near the shallow place of the river where the water level was only upto our waists at that time.. The following photos are that of the calm river boat journey after all the fun.. We were keeping our eyes locked on those mighty rocks and caring to click them.. Here am posting a few photos of the basket boat journey, the big sharp edged rocks, and some aerial view of the whole place from a lookout..

small waterfalls in hoganekkal taken during basket boat journey through river kauvery"The small water falls"

The photo was taken in our journey back from the river bank after a bath. Hmmmm.. anyway we were bathing throughout the journey.

Photo by: Nouphal
Camera: SonyEricsson K750i(2mp)
Focus mode:auto

rocks on the banks of river kauveri photograph taken during tour trip to hogenakkel"The silver rock carving found at the river side. The rock was shining in the sun though its is not that much visible in the photo "

In this bank we stayed for 2-3 hours and had fun in the water. After getting wet some people were standing in the shore to get their clothes dried... hmm but in vain.. they were chased by some of us and were put in the water again. Some of them even don't have to be chased, as we went near, they surrendered and jumped into the water themselves.....

The whole trip was real fun...........

Photo by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson K750i(2mp)
Focus mode:auto

rocks on river bank of kauveri river in hoganekkal photographed during tour trip"The group of rocks with sharp edges. Taken from the river bank".

Photo by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson K750i(2mp)
Focus mode:auto

closeup photograph of green river water of kauvery river taken from basket boat during tour trip boat journey in hogenekkkal"Back to the place where we started"

Photo by: Nouphal
Camera: SonyEricsson K750i(2mp)
Focus mode:auto

landscape of rocks and river flowing between huge rocks photograph from hogenekkal tourism spot of south india"An aerial look at the place..The river flowing through the veins of the rocks."

Photo by:Samitha
Camera: Canon Powershot A530(5mp)
Focus mode:Auto

scenic photograph of basketboat moving through kauveri river in hogenakkel"A ride through the calm and beautiful Kauveri"
I felt an artistic touch in this photo..

Photo by: Prejith
Camera: Cyber Shot DSC W35(7mp)
Focus mode:auto

The Route: Hogenakkal Waterfalls is located in Dharmapuri District, 130 km south-west of Bangalore. It lies on the Karnataka-TamilNadu border.

Nearest airport is Bangalore, 130 km.
Nearest railway station is Bangalore
Several tourist taxi and bus services are there from Bangalore to Hogenakkal.

Now there are some disputes going on between Tamilnadu and Karnataka regarding a dam proposal in the course of the river...Lets hope the beauty of the place will be preserved..



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