Cute Labrador Puppy Photos, Endal Junior, EJ doing Assistance Training

A small cute labrador puppy. He mayn't know how eager, eyes around are watching him. He's EJ, the junior of Endal the most intelligent Dog. The puppy got trained under the famous Dog Endal itself. He's the one who gonna follow Endal, the most awarded assistance dog yet trained out by canine partners. Before passing away Endal has taught EJ how to behave more than a mean assistance dog to Allen. Allen says EJ has got the skills of Endal upto 90 percent.
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Hmm i got it, you said keys huh!, hope am not meant to drive the car too.
The small puppy under training. Endal the junior yellow labrador retrieving keys for the master.

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Hope you don't mind, am gonna play a little!. 
That badge and blue duty wear making you much serious!
Endal and EJ, the yellow labradors taking care of a war hero.  

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