Trees-Ernakulam Maharaja's Ground-photos of old shade Trees

They may be old, but giving a mysterious feeling with that monstrous looks...Was mentioning about the trees!! the trees seen aside the ground of Maharaja's college of Ernakulam district of Indian state kerala..Photography done using 2 mp cellphone cameras of SonyEricsson...

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Green members of our Mother Nature!!!..
Trees...The natural CO2 filtering factories....
Beauty of the giants seen aside the walkway through the ground.. Hmm i wonder, since how long these people are standing here..The structure of the tree branches will surely wake the instinct of a photographer to capture them..

tree photos from playing ground at ernakulam cochin,old trees photos,trees standing in line aside the walk
 Hey wasn't there a barber for long time to give these people a hair cut.. what about a nice straightening of those curly hairs!! Haircut??... mayn't be a custom among them..   
Trees.. the standing still and growing products from the master architect God....

Spreading out the branches like they wanna cover the whole place under them..More to providers of fresh air, these ones are a nice shelter of shade from the bright noon sun..A small tilt of the frame before the click made the picture more interesting..
Hope we can meet soon with more snaps.. 

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  1. I love trees like this. You got some great shots of them. I love the location from where you took them I would never have thought of this myself.

  2. Nice. I really like the angle on the second photo.


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