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Bulldogs, a widely adored pet dog breed. Here  giving you the photos of a snoring bulldog  from a dog show conducted in Kerala/ Cochin. Bulldogs are natives of the British Isles and they are introduced in for the first time as fighter dogs. 

They are named bulldogs, bcoz once these were used by the English people to guard, bait and control bulls. Bull dogs have undergone an evolution from its short tempered, aggressive and fighting ancestors to sweet tempered, kind and amazing family companion. They never barks and grins without a proper reason.

Sleeping like a Bull!, this is the thing these dogs are notorious for. They are often regarded as lazy dogs for their resting mentality but it is a mis concept. Ofcourse they won't be running around always but is said that they even watches any fine movements around even when they rest. 

Bull dogs are more thinking breeds and have their own priority list in doing things and obeying your commands according to real needs. They are one of the most adored pet dogs who shows loyalty to their owners and is a very good companion, especially to children. 

Bulldogs will start acting if seems their owner to be threatened. Bull dogs have a special affection towards kids than elders. Bulldogs are often seen coming in between when parents starts scolding the kids in the family, provided the kids are his friends.

Its seen that bulldogs even notices the interior arrangements of furnitures and other households inside home and he feels disturbed and barks on someone disturbing the order.

The sleaping dog, whatever goes on around me, i need rest!. Oh his mouth wide open and those flappy tongue is dangling out! The bull dog taking a nap in between the dog show. There were people yelling at him to get up for a snap, buzzing of vehicle horns in the busy lane nearby, flashing cameras around, but nothing seems affecting him. He was pretty bold, yea bold to continue sleeping!

It seemed like he knows what is going on around and its only people who wanna see the pet show and no need to fear anything. Photographed from a pet dog show conducted in Kerala.  As per the information board displayed in the pet stall, Bulldogs are natives of UK and weights about 20 to 25 Kgs. They grows upto heights 30 to 40 Cms. Bull Dogs can be trained as Guard Dogs, Pet Dog and Army Dog.

What makes bulldogs higher among other breeds is their companionship and loyalty to their owners. Observed that these dogs even senses the owners mood and gets happy with his human companions. Effective clowns are also there among these dogs who can make the people around him laugh with his deeds.

They weights more than they look and the male dogs  weights more. Females weights around 40 and males upto 50 pounds. A shiny skin indicates a healthy bull dog and they needs proper brushing of skin to keep healthier. They do shed the hairs even though have tiny hairs than other dogs. the wrinkled and folded skin needs adequate cleaning and brushing the teeth are needed to avoid bad smelling as in humans. The lower jaw projects out a little than the upper jaw of teeth and gives him that look of a rude dog.

Bulldogs likes you when you gets him out of the house for a walk and allows him socialize with others. Your dog will get some exercise too by getting him out for a walk. Bull dogs don't need much exercise even if they looks so fatty. Because of  his fatty nose, wide jaws etc the dog snores, snorts  and makes weired noises during sleep and is considered normal for a bulldog.

Bulldogs are sensitive to temperature and they needs much shade and water during summers and an insulated well maintained dog house on winters. They do like getting treated as one of you and allowing to stay with you inside the house. Can say like more to a dog a bulldog can be a better friend and companion and live with you as a member of your family.

Its advised to get a bulldog while he is still a pup and get him used to his owner by brushing his teeth, patting and brushing the skin, rubbing the foots, patting the tummy and tickling him etc can make the dog more attached to the people handling him. A bulldog can make a wonderful family pet. Bulldogs are forgiving, kind, non aggressive, so loyal and a good comrade. What you say, gonna get a bulldog pup?
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  1. British Bulldogs are lovely dogs, very friendly and just adore attention! They are very cute too :)

  2. Bulldog is typically a happy and friendly dog that is at ease with its family. They bond strongly with their master and family.


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