Thetty or Chethy red flower bunches,Medicinal Flowers of Kerala, Ixora Red Flowers

 Ixora Red Flowers Kerala's Local Flowers- Chethy Flowers from home Gardens

Another gallery of flowers of kerala. Flower bunches of thetty also known as thechy in Malayalam the language of Kerala.Flowers of the plants in the group of Ixora.Thechy flowers can be seen in varieties of sizes and colors.Their are many types of these plants available for those can be grown in pots like little dwarf flowering plants and others which grow on land like perennial and non perennial ones.

The flower has names like Ixora, Jungle geranium, Rugmini(Hindi), Vedchi (Tamil), Rangan (Bengali), Chethi (Malayalam). about 400 species and colours of ixora plants are there. The flowers photographed here are of Large Ixora plants which can grow upto heights of meters. another bushy variety of Ixora is available in a variety of cultivars. Ixora plants are considered natives of Asia and is grown widely as a tropical ornamental plant in gardens of Asian countries.

Some thetty flower bunches are dense in those small flower siblings,while others may not be so..Thechy flowers are used for worships in temples here in kerala..And also during the festival of flowers like Onam in kerala, these ones are the favourite ones taken for flower designs..

Red Flower Bunch Closeup- Chethy Flowers, Ixora Red Flowers

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Lush red bunch of flowers.Watchout the little yellow flower petals between those red ones.
 Thechy or thetty some places i heard these ones as chethy flowers.

Chethy flowers in Garden Plant-Flowers photographed with cellphone

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Chethy or thetty flowers hanging down from the garden plant.. 

Thetty plants are more significant than the flowers.Coz the plant is having medicinal values..Thetty plant roots, stems etc are used for treatment of skin diseases..

I remember some shrub like plants of thetty in ma garden, was so cute when flowering.The dense flowers packed between the lush green curly small leaves of the plant made them special in my garden. They were dwarf Ixora ornamental plants

Ixora plants blooms throughout the year and can make the garden much colourful. Ixora plants needs very little care relatively to other heavily cared ornamental plants like Rose. Dwarf ixora flowers makes the garden much beautiful with a bushy appearance. Dwarf Ixoras has very small curly leaves in little bushy shrubs. Ixora flowers can be kept fresh in vases with water for a number of days which make them ideal for flower arrangements in vases inside home.

Cu around.. hope we can meet soon again here.
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  1. It is amazing to learn that those yellowish flowers "thetty?" have medicinal purposes. These are the individual flowers which are of different maturity than the rest in the same umbel. Most flowers change color as they mature or dehisce, that is the reason!

  2. when i was a kid, i ate this flower and it tasted somehow sweet :D


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