Flowers of Purple Queens, Wandering Jews or Purple Hearts; pink flower closeups from Kerala Gardens

Small cute pink flowers, a simple tiny flower with three pink petals. The flower is photographed from some home gardens in Kerala. These flowers are not a common south Indian flower. The flowers are of plant named Tradescantia pallida, also named as wandering jew, purple hearts, purple queen, pure well giant  etc. Scientific name as Setcreasea purpurea or Setcreasea pallida.

Wandering Jews are widely accepted ornamental plant. These plants can be grown in pots as well as grounds as a cover to the ground in partial or full shade. These ornamental plants are perennial in nature and suits for hanging garden pots and also as an indoor ornamental plant.

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The pink flower beauties called Wandering Jews or Purple hearts. Tiny but cute and simple flowers with a calm look. These flower photos are taken garden fresh, just after a rain.

Their are mixed reviews on this garden plant. Some people complaints like its spreading out its long stems allover more like a weed than a garden plant. But the plant is having a positive response in major from the gardeners. The purple heart plants needs only less care and are evergreen in nature. Their flowering nature throughout the year makes them a good choice for home gardens. The only thing that disturbs the growth of Wandering jews are frozen climate. Purple queens often perishes in snowy climate, but sprouts out from roots when the winter is over.

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Tradescantia pallida, the three petaled  small pink flower, a flower closeup

Purple hearts are sometimes found to make skin rashes and irritations when handled. But not in every case. The plant needs much less care and thrives in a variety of soil conditions. These evergreen perennial plants are having a great power to purify air through a process phytoremediation. This property of the garden plant makes it a nice preference as a pot plant inside home. Purple queens are also used as ground covers in home gardens and boundaries.

These garden plants are much dependent on water and are seen growing denser and healthier, if near a wet place. The leaves are violet in color with a clumsy appearance. The stems of these plants seems hollow, something resembling soft bamboo tubes. Flowers are seen mostly in the tip of the plant stem with a pair of leaves guarding the flower bunch. This garden plant can be propagated through stems. Can be grown in garden pots, but these ones have a tendency to spread out around the pot,. Pruning the stems a little may help.
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