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Photographing Candle flames with cellphone mini digital cameras. Just a few snaps i got from the camera eyes of a SE W810i cellphone. It's a 2 megapixel camera integrated into the phone. The photos of the  Candle flames are snapped with all the lights off inside the room. Keeping the candles in well lit environment during photographing them can make the flame photograph lifeless. 

All the candle flames captured here are either taken in closeups or macro modes of the small 2mp digital camera. The windows aside were kept closed to keep the flames steady for the camera lenses. Eventhough small breeze made them sway a little in some of the photos. Personally i felt the swaying flames little more interesting than the steady sharp candle glows.

Obviously a photographer will always need some life in his snaps. For a candle flame it will be a failure if we ended up unable to capture the feeling of warmth, felt through those amazing colors formed around the glow. The photos were not taken keeping any of photography rocket science and theories in mind, but just following the instincts.

Just tried to focus the camera lens right into the flame and waited to give the click when the flame settles down from the swaying done by the sneaking wind. The task in photographing flames is succeeding to get the warm divine colors naturally as it is for our eyes. Sometimes the auto white-balance of the camera may adjust itself and make the flames far away from the real beauty they have.

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Starts from the darkness and dissolves into the darkness. The candle flame edges were unsharp at this point of shooting, exactly like they are dissolving away. The flame glowing and swaying in the mild breeze. The candle flame snapped in macro mode of the digital cellphone camera.

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The source of fuel and burning thread. Got the top of wax candle here. Now feeling the warmth of the flame in ma fingers wrapping the camera now. Can't be closer, for it may endup burning he camera and ma fingers.  It will be really nice to experiment on photographing flames with a Digital camera which has got some optical zoom.

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The glowing wax candles. Melting and burning away to darkness. Got sharp yellow flames of the candles here. You can see a small blue flame color at the flame source and it gradually turning into yellow flames. What i noticed a little special in this flame picture is those small glowing rings by the centre part of the yellow flames. A red circular glow is formed around the flames. 

As i moved the camera a little away from the flames a little messy subjects around the flames also got inside the CCD. Was not intending to publish these while taking the pics, so i haven't cared to get some interesting subjects around. Arranging the candles and the subjects we want to properly may get photos with indepth thoughts and feelings. Thinks, emotions are more beautiful and deeply expressed in candle lights.

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Wanted to get the  photo of the flame alone skipping the candle top. The camera is held closer and focused right onto the flame. The darkness around the glow helped the camera to lock the focus right in the flame.

While photographing flames we may like to get the warmth and brilliant colors along with the cute long oval shape. Advisable to take the snaps in a dark environment, with little breeze and ofcourse keep your camera flash off, unless you want a lifeless ordinary candle with all its surroundings exposed. Have done photographing these candles in Cloudy white-balance settings. It can be nice to change the white-balance into cloudy or warm(in some digital cameras) to capture the warm colors. Sometimes a little shake of the wrist in a controlled manner may give you a little blurry but more interesting flame shots. Just need the experimenting mind of a photographer huh!. 

Just some amateur leisurely shots done with  2mp cellphone camera of Sony. Surely will like to hear your ideas and photography tips in candle, flame and fire photography.

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