Globular garden cactus plants-Small crater topped ball cactus photos from home gardens

Small Globular cactus variety for your home garden.This one a member among the Globose Flattened type cacti. The cacti species is seen worldwide and most of the members of this cacti are found flowering, especially white flowers. Small cute cacti globe, but covered densely with lean long spines. The crater like part at the cacti top is usually where the cacti flowers appears if the particular globular cacti species is flowering in nature.

You know what, mature cactus stems can be kept out of soil for weeks and some upto months. Usually cactus has a lot of water content inside the leaves to overcome drought. Apart from these if roots are unable to absorb water from the soil cactus stems will absorb the moisture content from the atmosphere through its skin. Have to say intelligently designed succulents..

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The small ball cactii in the garden pot. A group of garden plants which needs the least care except when a child cactii, ie the in times of replanting, growing from seeds etc these plants needs to be cared in matters of watering, lighting, soil content etc.

Cactus stems or pruned rooted cactus plants must be left in openair and the cuttings must be dried before re potting again. The cuts in the stems and roots may get affected by fungus and rot if not properly dried before replanting.

The soil needed for germination of cactus seeds must not lock moisture. A mixture of sharp sand or gravel and a very little manure content will do. Its said not to add organic contents or too much water to cactus seed pots or pots having cactus cuttings as the wet organic content may lead to rot the seeds or cactus stems. The way to manure cactus plants is let them grow and then only add manure as needed.
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Cute and little.Cactus Globe!! The green spiny cacti with a white crater on top. Check with your garden plants supplier, he too may have some of these to sell.

Beside spines some of the cactus plants has fruits and flowers too. Certain cactii fruits like dragon fruits are edible and commercially produced for variety of uses in food and drinks as flavours. Cactus fruits are fleshy kiwi like fruits which has an outer covering that can be peeled off. usually weights around 300 gms. Cactii fruits are used as food dye, flavouring Icecreams, alcohol and also used in mixed fruit juices.

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