Kerala Flowers Closeup Snaps-Blanket Flower, blossom,sinea,& a dragon fly sitting on a yellow flower

Again some closeup nature photos.presenting you with some more flower photos featuring blanket flower or gaillardia, a dried flower; and also a dragon fly, all photographed in macro mode.The cameras are of sonyericsson mobile phones like K750, W810, etc..

Blanket Flower
blanket-flower-closeup,Gaillardia flowers,drought tolerant flowering plants,flower closeup digital photographBlanket Flower Closeup.Also called Gaillardia flowers.Look the blending of colors in this flower. its soo beautiful.The flower coloured like a burning flame which is reddish towards the center and yellowish towards the edges. Gaillardia is known for its drought sustaining capability. Its found that these blanket flower plants can bloom even in sands.
Photo taken from the garden of St Angelo's fort at kannur..

Photo by: Georjo
camera:Sony Ericsson K750(2mp)
focus mode: macro

Simple Red Flower Of Kerala
small red garden flower closeup mode photograph from home garden"Simple, Cute and Little red flower".. snap by friend from the school garden near our hostel.

Photo by: Arun
camera:Sony Ericsson K750(2mp)
focus mode: macro

Blossom-Violet Flowers
violet flowers of garden plant blossom taken from gardens in macro mode"Bloomed beauty..Blossom plant from a friend's home garden"....
A plant with violet flowers..You may have the interesting seed of this plant.. When the seeds that are following these flowers get ripe and if we just disturb them with a feeble touch, they will burst off spreading the plants seeds around..Hmmmm the natures way of spreading seeds...

Photo by: Georjo
camera:Sony Ericsson W810i(2mp)
focus mode: macro

Cute Yellow Flower
yellow flowers closeup mode digital photograph from home gardens"A closeup shot of the yellow flower beauty"...

Photo by: Georjo
camera:Sony Ericsson K750(2mp)
focus mode: macro

Dried out Flower
dried up grey flower photo from gardens"Dried even though found something attractive".took from the premises of my hostel in a summer season.

Photo by: Georjo
camera:Sony Ericsson W810(2mp)
focus mode: macro

Dragon Fly in Yellow Garden Flower

dragon fly on yellow flower closeup mode digital image"Dragon fly in yellow flower"....took by Joji. Hmmm........ He is a bit talented in getting insects in his control...took from the school garden near our hostel...

Do you know.. these dragon flies are termed the fastest flying insects....They feeds on mosquitos, insects, bees etc.Have u ever got a bite from a dragonfly..hmm it is sooo good..try to taste it at the very next chance...

It is said that dragon flies are distinguished from damsel flies by observing their wings position while on rest.You know these insects are in the larvae stage for most part of their life under the water.They can be as larvae upto 5 years under water..And this flying stage as a dragon fly will last only for a few months and they dies off..

Photo by: Joji
camera:Sony Ericsson K750i(2mp)
focus mode: macro

Bye for now friends.. hope we can meet again here in short time , with lot more from,
                   Pixelshots the photo blog.


adoor said...

i want to say.."woh"!!rocking..

Sudhakar said...

Hi Nice photos .Leons told to me about this blog.You can post your blog to if you like.

Anzaar Nabi said...

Awesome photographs from ur mobile. Nice blog and specially information about pixels is superb. Some of the photographs I liked most are “sunlight falling of flower”, “The Gloomy sunset”, “A misty mountain Road” and finally ht bridge one. Keep it up dear…. Hope to see more photographs on ur blog…. Wating for more pictures….

Anonymous said...

like the angle u took the bridge.....from ur car no....

singapore florist said...

i love your blog, the photos are just amazing.

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