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Welcome to the next gallery of amateur photography..This time presenting you with some photographs of black dotted orange winged butterfly, an yellow fruit, photos of cashew nuts hunging in the cashew trees, photo of cloudy evening horizon view from calicut beach, a red bunch of flowers and a lonely coconut tree.. Just have a look .........All Photos using sony ericsson mobile phone cameras......

butterfly with yellow black dotted wings resting over plants taken in closeup mode from our college campus
"Had to run a bit behind her to get a snap".
Photographed from the play ground near our class room...

Butterflies the carriers of pollens can some time act as a pest too by eating the budding tender leaves and such things..Certain species of these can migrate to 1000ds of kilometers..These insects can carry pollen to long distances and they usually feeds on the nectar from flowers..

Photo by: Georjo
camera:Sony Ericsson W810(2mp)
focus mode: Auto

cashewnut fruits hanging on the cashewnut tree photographed using cell phone cameras"They are kids!!! CASHEWNUT KIDS".....
The originator of Brazil now in India..Thanks to the Portuguese sailors who bought this here...The fruit and the nut is edible and is used widely..Some extracts from the fruit even has medicinal power and is used even in anti venom for snake bites..... Heard of Feni??.....Hmm its a liquour made using the cashew fruit and is very common in Goa..

photographer: Arun
camera: SonyEricssonk750i(2mp)

fruit in a garden plant image"Dont know what exactly is it.Looks fresh." Taken by Joji from his home garden.

Photo by: Joji
camera:Sony Ericsson K750(2mp)
focus mode: macro

clouds in the horizon after sunset photographed from calicut beach kerala india"The gloomy Sunset"..The clouds, sea and all seems upset in the absence of sun"....View from Calicut beach..

Photo by: Nouphal
Camera:SonyEricsson K810(3.15mp)

red flowers from home gardens taken in closeup mode of digital camera" Red bunch of flowers.." From a friends home garden...

Photo by: Georjo
camera:Sony Ericsson W810i(2mp)
focus mode: Auto

coconut trees image with bright horizon as background"Lonely under the clouds and sun". Snapped on my way to hostel..

Photo by: Georjo
camera:Sony Ericsson W550i(1.3mp)
focus mode: Auto

Cu back here friends with some thing more amazing.. till then take care..

Lov pixelshots...
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