MUNNAR photo galleries.Neelakurinjis, Flower ONCE IN 12 YEARS. Photos of trees in mist, munnar hill slopes etc. A munnar tour trip photo album.


Munnar is located at the Idukki district of Kerala State in India. The word "Munnar" means three rivers. 3 mountain streams (Madurapuzha, Nallathanni and Kundala) are joining together here.During the British rule in India, Munnar was the summer resort of the Government officials. The natural beauty, calmness and mild cold climate throughout the year makes it the favourite tourist place of both Indians and foreigners.

green hills with tea plantations and valleys landscape sceneries from hill station munnar of kerala
"View from bus on the way to the top of Rajamala...where Neelakurinji is present..."

Rajamala is situated 15 Km away from Munnar, where Nilgiri Tahr is also preserved.
The tea estates, hills, lakes and forests inside Munnar range exposes it's beauty. The Munnar hills are covered by tea plants which makes the feeling of seeing a wide green carpet.

Photo by: Arun
Camera: SonyEricsson K750i(2mp)
Focus mode:Auto
violet flowers neelakurinjis closeup image with neeelakurinji plants from munnar rajamala hills
"The Beauty Of the Hills- Neelakurinji"
Among the exotic flora found in the forests and grasslands here is the Neelakurinji. This flower which bathes the hills in blue every twelve years.

Photo by: Prejith
Camera: Nikon coolpix
Focus mode:Auto

violet flowers of neelakurinjis spread over mountain slope to give the hill a violet colour
"Do u realise why i described Neelakurinji as the beauty of the hills" .

See the flower group bloomed together giving the hill a blue tint.....

Photo by: Prejith
Camera: Nikon coolpix
Focus mode:Auto

misty mountain valley in munnar kerala with neelakurinji flowers
" Is the mist hiding something??Yea there is a mountain behind" The mist acts like a camoflague ..It comes fast and disappears in the next wind..

Photo by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricsson W550i(1.3mp)
Focus mode:Auto

mistic scenery from munnar with trees inside the mist
"The tree warriors against the fury of the mist!!!!!!. Beauty of nature comes in different forms, isn't it? " the photo was snapped from our bus on our way back home..

Photo by: Irshad
Camera: SonyEricsson K750i(2mp)
Focus mode: Auto

Tourist Attractions around Munnar
  • Mattupetty Lake is 14 Km away from Munnar.
  • Devikulam is 7 Km away from Munnar. Tourists are attracted to this lake town..
  • Top Station is 40 Km away from Munnar. From here you can get a spectacular view of the plains of Tamilnadu. Kundalai Dam is on the Munnar-Top Station road

  • Echo Point,15 km from Munnar, this scenic place gets its name from the natural echo phenomenon here. Echo Point is on the way to Top Station from Munnar.
  •  Munnar also has the highest peak in South India, Anamudi, which towers over 2695 m. Anamudi is an ideal spot for trekking.
  • Pothamedu is located 6 km from Munnar and offers an excellent view of the tea, coffee and cardamom plantations in Munnar. The rolling hills, the lush mountain and the breathtaking scenery here is ideal for trekking and long mountain walks.

Breaking up here..More Munnar photos in the coming posts.. Just continue browsing.
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