Flower Photography-Red &Yellow Flowers Kerala

Flowers from home garden plants in Kerala.Just some photographs of flowers taken with cell phones..Used sonyericsson w810i mobile phone cameras to take the photos..Photos snapped from a friends home garden in morning sunlight..Some pictures of commonly found garden plant flowers from kerala state of India..

bright cute yellow flower photograph from home garden plants,photo of the flower in closeup camera mode ie in macro lens shoot mode,cute yellow flower photograph from india kerala 
The bright yellow flower from the garden..What to say!! Simple, bright, cute and small smiling flower.. Seems she waiting eagerly for meeting someone dearer!.

red flowers bunch photographed from home garden plants in kerala India,photography of flowers in closeup shoot mode,closeup photos of red flowers from kerala gardens

Ohh they are  red hot.A bunch of bright red flowers from the garden plant..They are lethal in red while standing together..These flowers are bloomed at the tip of a steam grown up from between the plant leaves and blooms together in bunches..Bunches of bright fuming red flowers..
Photos taken by georjo

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Sunset and children playing in beach-calicut kerala

Children playing in the beach in sunset..Photographed from calicut beach in kerala India..

beach sunset photograph from calicut beach in kerala india,children playing in the beach during sunset a photograph taken with cell phone camera of 2 megapixel in landscape scenery shoot mode
Beach Sunset and child's play from calicut district kerala

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Sunset in beach Kerala-Sunsets Photography-Pixelshots kerala photos

Setting sun photographed from beach in calicut kerala India..

sunset scenery photography from beaches in kerala,calicut beach sunset scenery,sunsets,kerala sunsets,sunset in horizon
Beach sunset from India kerala

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Beach sunset & camel ride- Calicut beach kerala

Beach evenings and sunset in the horizon.. Some photographs from the beaches in kerala India, during sunsets..Man riding a camel through the beach sand, photographed from calicut beach in kerala India.There may be sometimes horses to give a ride for a little money meant for the tourists..The sea seems a little calm today.. She not making big waves..

beach sunset photographs and man riding camel through beach in sunsets,camel,sunset,beach sunset,kerala beaches,scenic beach sunsets,beaches
 Camel ride through the beach during sunset
photography by sreerag

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Beach sunset from calicut Kerala

The beach sand just reflecting the setting sun like a glass..The waves just keeping the shore washed and the sun setting in the horizon..There is a belief that if you write something against the sea goddess on the beach sand and she will erase it in the very next wave..You just try that when you going to the beach next time..

sunsets from beaches in kerala,beach sunset photography from calicut beach in kerala india,kerala beaches photos,beach sunsets,india kerala,calicut beach
Sunset photographs from calicut beach of Kerala India..
Photography by Sreerag

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Beach sunset calicut beach kerala

Sunsets in beaches photographed.. Some sunset photos from beach in calicut district of kerala state India...Beaches are a major attraction in the tourism map of kerala, the southern part of India...The sun is much brighter and it seems the sky much free from particles today, the sunset is not that colourful huh..

beach sunset photography from india kerala,one of the main attractions of kerala tourism the beaches in kerala,kerala tourism,calicut beach,sunset
Beach Sunsets Photographed by Sreerag AS using SonyEricsson w810

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