Flower Photography-Red &Yellow Flowers Kerala

Flowers from home garden plants in Kerala.Just some photographs of flowers taken with cell phones..Used sonyericsson w810i mobile phone cameras to take the photos..Photos snapped from a friends home garden in morning sunlight..Some pictures of commonly found garden plant flowers from kerala state of India..

bright cute yellow flower photograph from home garden plants,photo of the flower in closeup camera mode ie in macro lens shoot mode,cute yellow flower photograph from india kerala 
The bright yellow flower from the garden..What to say!! Simple, bright, cute and small smiling flower.. Seems she waiting eagerly for meeting someone dearer!.

red flowers bunch photographed from home garden plants in kerala India,photography of flowers in closeup shoot mode,closeup photos of red flowers from kerala gardens

Ohh they are  red hot.A bunch of bright red flowers from the garden plant..They are lethal in red while standing together..These flowers are bloomed at the tip of a steam grown up from between the plant leaves and blooms together in bunches..Bunches of bright fuming red flowers..
Photos taken by georjo
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  1. I shoot the same kind photos as you are, but mine are not that good. Can you tell me what camera do you use to shoot them?


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