Charpa Waterfalls-Famous River Waterfalls in Kerala Photos,Thrissur District

Charpa waterfalls, Thrissur district, Kerala. One of the famous waterfalls of  the south Indian state. This waterfalls is beside the highway connecting Chalakkudy town with Tamilnadu. The waterfalls can be seen on your way from chalakkudy town to Vazhachal and Athirapally waterfalls. The season to visit these places is by monsoons and this photo is not taken during the monsoon. So the man in the photo is able to stand there that close and stare on the falling stream.

Charpa waterfalls is formed by one of the tributary rivers of the famous Chalakkudy river of Kerala.The waterfalls is just before the point where this tributary meets the chalakudy river's main stream. 
Photos taken by Amit Druvan, CWRDM Calicut. Regards to Sreerag AS, CWRDM, Calicut.
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