Beach photos @ Varkala Helipad, Varkala Beaches, Mountain Cliffs- Arabian sea aerial view from Varkala mountain cliffs

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Varkala Helipad
Varkala Helipad, snaps of the sea and beach underneath the mountain cliffs of Varkala are shared for you here. If you visited Varkala and returned without being into this helipad area of mountain cliffs, you have missed the real beauty of Varkala beach landscapes. From here what you gonna get is an aerial view of the beach and white sea waves splashing onto the bottom of those mountain cliffs.

The photos of the beaches and mountain cliffs adjacent to the beaches are taken during noon time, and i wonder how cute they will be during a beach sunset.

Reaching Varkala Helipad from Papanasham white sand beach
Reaching this part of the varkala beach is simplified by a small walkway from papanasham beach progressing through the mountain sides. Being noon time we didn't preferred a walk in the sun instead just took our vehicle for much parking space is available here as its the helipad point of Varkala. A taxi stand is also there near the helipad ground. Its just about a kilometer through road, from papanasham beach to Varkala helipad. We felt refreshed with the cool sea breeze blowing here as soon as we got down from the car, and it was an awesome refresh particularly under that noontime sun.

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