Beach photos @ Varkala Helipad, Varkala Beaches, Mountain Cliffs- Arabian sea aerial view from Varkala mountain cliffs

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Varkala Helipad
Varkala Helipad, snaps of the sea and beach underneath the mountain cliffs of Varkala are shared for you here. If you visited Varkala and returned without being into this helipad area of mountain cliffs, you have missed the real beauty of Varkala beach landscapes. From here what you gonna get is an aerial view of the beach and white sea waves splashing onto the bottom of those mountain cliffs.

The photos of the beaches and mountain cliffs adjacent to the beaches are taken during noon time, and i wonder how cute they will be during a beach sunset.

Reaching Varkala Helipad from Papanasham white sand beach
Reaching this part of the varkala beach is simplified by a small walkway from papanasham beach progressing through the mountain sides. Being noon time we didn't preferred a walk in the sun instead just took our vehicle for much parking space is available here as its the helipad point of Varkala. A taxi stand is also there near the helipad ground. Its just about a kilometer through road, from papanasham beach to Varkala helipad. We felt refreshed with the cool sea breeze blowing here as soon as we got down from the car, and it was an awesome refresh particularly under that noontime sun.

aerial view of varkala beaches from mountain cliffs,kerala beaches birds eye view,beach sea waves viewed from mountains,kerala beachesFrom the Helipad area of varkala, facing the sea, looking onto your left, this is the view of the beach and sea stretching through the bottom of those cliffs.What you may notice at once is the nature of sea waves here, a numerous number of waves approaching the seashore individually.

The beach and sea is snapped during monsoons and by the real tourist season here the sea will be more calm with a light bluish tint.

After monsoons most of the beaches will be accessible for the tourists. In monsoon seasons  the waves invades some of the beaches in varkala and guards won't allow you going there, for their job is to care your life from mad sea. While swimming and other water sports you should consider the instructions from the lifeguards here, for they know the beach and sea better than you.
white sea waves splashing the beach rocks photographed from helipad mountain cliff of varkala
The smiling white beach sea waves approaching and splashing on the beach rocks. A view from the mountain cliffs of varkala. You can go down the cliffs through steps built at some points of the cliffs. We can go near the sea and watch its smiling waves closer, but no adventures if you care for your life

kerala beaches bordered by hills,unique beach landscape with mountain cliffs facing the sea,varkala mountain cliffs and beach
 The crescent shaped mountain cliffs bordering through the beach. Its a unique peculiarity of this kerala beach, and you can't see beach landscapes and cliffs like this from anywhere in Kerala other than varkala.

The hilltops or cliffs here are covered in coconut trees and in between so many seaside hotels,beach resorts, painting shops, massage parlors, partying places etc are present. Everything fully fledged with amenities considering the tourism value of this beach and hills.

sea photographed from mountains in varkala,kerala beaches and sea photos from beach mountain cliffs

Waves in the sea like white powder sprinkled on water. What i really missed was a professional camera when visited this unique tour spot. To get the detailed of this place panoramic landscape photography can help. Am trying to get the snaps with ma 3mp samsung cellphone camera here.

red flower seen aside the beach of varkala kerala,flowers over mountain cliffs aside kerala beaches,varkala beach and sea photos,flower and waves 
Red flower seen in a sea side garden at the top of the cliffs. Some of the restaurants over the cliffs and small shops have some garden plants grown infront of their shops. Got this red flower from one of them. The sea underneath looked special and just framed the flower with the white sea waves.
sea and waves photos from varkala,sea photos from mountain cliffs of varkala kerala

The sea and waves underneath the mountain cliff. From the helipad, you can walk along the small walkway that through the mountain top with shops and restaurants at one side and the vast extending sea and splashing waves on rocks underneath on the other side. Their are some points at which small steps are seen down to the sea from the cliffs.

At some other parts we can watch the long stretch of beach down their through the bottom of those mountain cliffs. The aerial view of the beach from here clears out one thing, that the beaches here in varkala are interconnected. Three beaches are actually there, a white sand beach called papanasham and two small other black sand beaches.

A lot more photos are coming adjacent to these ones from Varkala helipad. What about going down the cliffs and watching the sea waves hitting hard on those greenish ferned beach rocks. I think you may be interested and hoping to give the remaining photos soon here in pixelshots, the Kerala travel photoblog.


S.R.Ayyangar said...

The photo with red flower in contrast is amazing.

Narayan. said...

Varkala has been a wonderful place....and will stay for ever! Lovely Photos.

Sneo said...

varkala is a total favorite with me ever since i visited in march. good stuff. i loved the north cliff and all the old hippie tourists who stay there for months

Nalini Hebbar said...

Lovely pics...Varkala is a must visit!

Mohan said...

Nice shots... beaches are always soothing and free up mind... only scare that I carry is from tsunamis.

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