Common Flowers in Kerala:Flowers closeup Photos with cell phones

A small flower photo gallery from home Gardens..Most of them shot in macro shooting mode..Used just the mobile phone camera of 2 megapixels..Just feel the multi coloured cute smiles from our mother Nature.. Photos of yellow cute flower,dark red antooriums,guava plant leaves,bright yellow flower,white flower macro focus mode pictures etc are posted.. Used SonyEricsson walkman and k series cell phones.

Yellow Garden Flower
bright yellow flower from the home garden,closeup digital flower image taken with mobile phone camera,cute-yellow-flower,pixelshots flower-gallery,mobile-macro,flower-photography"Tats from my garden.The yellow flower with petals like rays of the sun... Please don't ask
the name of the flower"....

The Garden plant is a shrub like thing with only Leaves.. no stems are there.. Long leaves flaps gets sprouted up from the soil and when the season of flowering comes long aerial like stem grows from the middle of the plant leaves wit the flower bud at its tip..Its really gorgeous to see the flowers standing up from the plant leaves smiling at us..Its so nice if we grow these ones in groups..There are a lot more varities of colours for this flower apart from yellow..

Photo by:Georjo
camera:SonyEricsson k750i(2mp) 
focus mode:macro

Simple white Flower Soaked in Dew Drops
white flower with dew drops,closeup flower photo taken in macro focus mode of digital camera,sony-cellphone-macro-photography,pixelshots-flower-photography,mobile-phone-photography"Single and Simple" The morning dew drops giving the White flower a fresh look...
Snap by Joji from his home garden....

Photo by:Joji
camera:SonyEricsson k750i(2mp)
focus mode:macro

Dark Red Antoorium flowers Natural Bouquet

red-antoorium-flowers on garden plant from home garden,red-flower-bunch,cell-phone-photography,pixelshots-galleries,mobile-phone-macro-photography,flowers with market value in kerala"The perfect red family group photo...WE 2 OURS 1"....
Photo by Joji from his home garden.

Anthurium flower group, from the garden. These are priced for the size of their petals, and the plant need a semi arid wet condition to survive..Their are around 1000 species of anthoorium around the globe...

Photo by: Joji
camera: SonyEricsson k750i(2mp)
focus mode: auto

Tender Leaves of Guava In morning Sun

gauva-plant-budding-tender-leaves from home-garden,guava-leaves,sony-ericsson w810 photography,pixelshots-macro-photos,kerala-fruit-plants
"Watch the budding tender leaves of the guava plant getting cherished in the sun's morning rays"......

Photo taken from the surroundings of my hostel...... Their are around a 100 species of guava. The most common one is Apple Guava. The fruits are used for making jams, desserts etc.. The leaves and bark has proven medicinal properties and the plant has some use in the traditional treatment for diabetics..

Photo by:Georjo
camera:Sony Ericsson W810i(2mp)
focus mode:macro

Bright Yellow Flowers in Morning Sunlight
aripoovu,poochedy poovu,beautiful-yellow-flowers-digital photograph,common-kerala-flowers,flower-closeup from garden,yellow-flower-in-kerala,twin-yellow-flowers,collective-flower
"The Bright yellow flowers twins. Aripoovu or poochedy poovu of kerala"..
The rays of the sun is adding contrast to their twins beauty.... They are morning fresh flowers from the garden

Photo by:Georjo
camera:Sony Ericsson W810i(2mp)
focus mode:macro

Coming posts you are going to witness big galleries on kerala's tourist destinations, old palaces, hill stations, big mountains, events like ocean race and automobile show pictures.. just go on browsing the galleries..

Thanx for the visit friends..Cu soon here with something more charming... Smiles...

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  1. hmm me too have a home garden... some nice flowers hare..

  2. you took these pics with a cellphone camers.. ohh i can't find much difference from a professional digital cam photos..


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