Photos of sunset,red rose flower,almond,thetty flower, photos in landscape closeup and macro mode

Another amateur photo gallery of Flowers like rose, thetty, the almond tree trunk,Setting sun- and the tender leaves of a plant in the morning rays of the sun etc..Just a post for photography taken in macro and closeup mode using mobile phone cameras of cell phone brands like SonyEricsson of walkman and cybershot series..

medicinal flower sarpagandhi or sarpagandha in kerala india,herb which is used to treat high blood preassure.photograph of medicinal flower indian snake root having botanical name rauvolfia serpentina a medicine for high blood pressureA medicinal flower named Sarpagandhi or Sarpagandha in Malayalam..The Indian Snake root, a flower of medicinal value and used in treating high blood pressure..The flower is usually seen in the trunks of the tree, it grows out in stems and blooms in the tip of the stems..

Photo by: Arun
Camera : SonyEricsson K750i (2mp)
Focus Mode: Macro

tree trunk photograph,big almond tree photographed from downside"Miles and miles to go before i sleep.....Hey not my thought... thought of an ANT trying to get to its nest over the tree top"!!!!!!!!!.....
Snap of a Badam Tree trunk from the ground...

Photo by: Arun
Camera : SonyEricsson K750i (2mp)
Focus Mode: Macro

flower red rose closeup photo from home gardens,photography in macro lens mode of the digital cell phone camera" Rose petals soaked in the Rain"
Photo by friend from his garden

Photo by: Arun
Camera : SonyEricsson K750i (2mp)
Focus Mode: Macro
tree with spread out branches and a few leafs photographed with sunset in the background horizon,a picture from calicut district kerala"The setting sun and the Tree which has sheded its leaves"...
Both of them has a better tomorrow with a bright sun rise and budding fresh green leaves....
The snap taken from a place near to our colleage....

Photo by: Sreerag
Camera : SonyEricsson W810i (2mp)
Focus Mode: Auto

tender  light green leafs of a garden plant photographed in the morning sunlight"The budding tender leaves of a plant in the morning sunlight...Can you see innocence in the newly born cute little leaves.. Everybody is born innocent".
Snap from our hostel surroundings..

Photo by: Georjo
Camera: SonyEricssonK810 Cybershot (3.15mp)
Focus Mode: Macro

See you soon with more digital eye catching photos
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