Kerala Amateur Photo Gallery: Crab from beach,red hibiscus flower,cannons,coconut trees etc.Photos with SonyEricsson cell phones

Amateur digital Photography of the nature around me..Just some photos snapped while roaming in and around Kerala. Just have a look at the macro and closeup shots of the heart beats of life in nature around us.The photos published here are not at all retouched for effects or anything. just as it came out of the camera.. only added the pixelshots watermark over them.

Crabs in Beach Sand. Photographed from Calicut beach in Kerala
cute crab photograph taken from calicut beach in kerala,crab soaked in sea water laying over the beach sand,crabs in kerala beaches
"Hey don't stare!!!!!WAT U LOOKING AT? if u can, pull me out of this mess"..............
I wonder for what purpose is he having that pair of aerials......Snap during an evening visit in Calicut beach....

Cute little crab found immersed on the beach know these creatures are throughout the oceans of the world and their are some fresh water crab species too.. The male ones are often fighting each other for females and hiding in holes. The species are diverse from crabs of a few millimeters to huge as measured in meters (Japanese Spider Crab)

Photo by: Arun

Camera:SonyEricsson k750i(2mp)
focus mode: macro

Red Hibiscus or Shoe Flowers- Common Flowers of Kerala
red flower hibiscus,shoe flowers from kerala,common-kerala-flowers,chembarathy-poovu,closeup photograph of hibiscus flower in the garden plant"Did anybody saw this much beauty in a hibiscus before"!!!..thanks to the photographer for his perfect angle selection, so he got the apt lighting on the flower..

  •  Hibiscus Facts
Red Hibiscus or shoe flowers, not sure really how many types and species are their inspite of these red flowered know hibiscus flowers are often used as ingredient for herbal tea, jams etc..

The white hibiscus is believed to have medicinal powers and the flowers and roots are used in some..In southern India the red Hibiscus leaves and flowers are used for hair care purposes...South Korea and Malaysia have hibiscus as their national flowers!!

Photo by: Irshad
camera:SonyEricsson k750i(2mp)
focus mode:auto

Coconut trees: Most common Trees in Kerala

coconut trees in the sunset,common-kerala-trees,thengu,two coconut trees standing close with sunset in the background horizon,kerala-national-tree"Are they talking each other!!!! the coconut trees...Oh the clouds are watching them....".....

An evening shot from the balcony of my house....
  • Coconut tree Facts

The tree in palm group with buoyant fruits.. the Coconut..Their are many disputes regarding the origin of this tree.The oldest fossil yet received is from Bangladesh pointing to the fact that it is from India. The largest producer in Coconut is Philippians and India comes third with Indonesia in the second position..In India the large scale plantation is at Pollachi which is renowned for tender coconut....

Photo by:Georjo
camera:Sony Ericsson W550i(1.3mp)
focus mode:auto'

Cannons in Park- Photo from a Park in Pondycherry
canons in the garden photographs,from a park in pondycherry tamilnadu india,recreation parks,cactus-plant-flowers and cannons"Canons in the Garden" sounds strange..yea it is...Taken from a park in the suns rays giving the plants a fresh look..

Photo by:Georjo
camera:Sony Ericsson K750i(2mp)
focus mode:auto

Violet Flower Bunches from Kerala Gardens
flowers in gardens,violet group of flowers closeup photo from home garden,kerala-common-garden-flowersThey are beautiful when together... Photographed by Joji from his home garden..

Dont know details on this violet flower....If you know be kind to share as comments below

Photo by:Joji
camera:SonyEricsson k750i(2mp)
focus mode:auto

Cu soon with more photographs..

Greetings from Pixelshots.
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