Mumbai Terrorist attacks-Photos of community prayers and candle posessions for peace.Photos taken by media personnels.

The scenes of prayers and grief after the brutal attack over Mumbai by terrorists. Emotional and touching pictures of the people paying prayers, photos during the candle posession for peace through the streets of Mumbai..The photos from the funeral of ATS chief Hemant Karkare who lost his life trying to save his country..Not him only a lot more officers died, during that black night in the history of India, including the NSG commando Sandeep Unnikrishnan who is a Keralite, ie from my place....

The Mumbai terrorist attacks.Some people says it was another 9/11 terrorism attacks in the history of India.War on terrorism by the governments have been declared after each and every terrorist attack is over. But the serious nature dies off in times, till the next terrorist attack is carried out..It seems we have to think of counter terrorism..

"Flooded Eyes Everywhere"
Hope the boon got by humans to forget may console in mean time..

Woman praying in a community prayer in mumbai behind candles...Can anybody find a remedy for these losses to our families and nation...Hope our government will take actions to prevent terrorism...But the Nations has to move together and determined, against these inhuman organizations.

Man Praying in Temple For His Fellow Humans And The Brave Hearts Who Lost Lives In The Fight With The militants in mumbai..

From The Funeral Of ATS Chief Hemant Karkare....

Some other brilliant officers of the Maharashtra police also lost their lives besides Karkare...

Major Sandeep Unnikrishnan (NSG) ,The one from Kerala gave his life for his country and people..Let us pray for those brave hearts, who gave our lives back by sacrificing their life...

NSG COMMANdo Sandeep Unnikrishnan's funeralMajor Sandeep Unnikrishnan's funeral..
The NSG Commando died in Mumbai Terrorist attacks
We people of India salutes U

After The Battle..

NSG commandos watching from the balcony of Hotel TAJ MAHAL PALACE after their military operation..The militants are eliminated and one caught alive in the fight...Crores of Indians thanking you for giving back their lives...May God gave you the courage and strength to save and secure our country from these anti social elements..

Autograph Please.....Commandos...The Real Heroes OF Our Country

People gathered around a commando vehicle and getting autographs... These brave men served their country well, risking their lives...We Indians salute you ...

Rolling Tears and Burning Candles

A possession through the mumbai streets against terrorism...Praying for the souls of men who lost their lives in the attack...Even though prayers and condolences can't get back lost lives, lets do what we can for the victims, the brave soldiers and their families....

Be Proud To Serve Our Fellow Humans, Be Proud To Protect, To Take Care, To Love, To Respect......Proud To Be An Indian.....

The terrorists had thorough planning before the attack..The places were watched before the attack was planned... One of the Shot dead chef of TAJ called home before he died and said that his friend who turned out to be a terrorist shot him down...These people are getting into each and every corners of life.........They has no religion, No boundaries, No Humanity...Only One Destiny..Destruction till the End....

Keep our Youth from getting injected with its poison...Let the religious leaders teach its followers, mainly the youth, what the religion is meant for you and your fellows....Let us respect and take care of each other....

This post is my tribute To My Country And the Brave Soldiers who fought dead for our country...

And now Abdul Kasab, the Terrorist who got captured by the Indian commandos is undergoing trial under the Indian Judiciary.. The dramatic turning point is he accepted his crime and confessed, gave the names of Master Brains behind the attack who are living peacefully in Pakistan still.

Ironically the law in Pakistan found them as so innocent people who just learning to walk and freed them of all charges.Talks between India and Pakistan
about handing over the Culprits is still going on, have to wait and see..

May the Dispute and hatred is between nations, may it between religions, or may it between thoughts, "ALWAYS THE VICTIM IS THE COMMON MAN"..Hope you may have seen the BOLLYWOOD movie "WEDNESDAY"...

Am posting it late, for i want remember you from forgetting incidents like these so fast.....That our future generation may get saved from another MUMBAI ATTACK...

Has a previous gallery of photographs..But not so edible to see dead men and havoc..

.....Thought it's better to speak, than being silent..
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  1. very meaningful pictures. Please accept my condolences to all the victims' families...

  2. Omg those pictures were so sad :( almost brought tears to my eyes.

    This blog post really makes you think twice about what's really important in life, and how many people are suffering around the world every day, because of things like this :(

    Thank you for sharing,


    (btw, you have a very nice blog, and your pictures are outstanding)

  3. It's strange, but it's only now that I (hopefully) fully understood the adage "A picture can speak a thousand words. These images raised in me some of the most fundamental questions our existence. Why is there so much suffering among those who only want to live quiet lives together with their loved ones? Why are there people, like Abdul Kasab, who defy their own humanity just to follow an ambigious ideology? And, as a Jewish rabbi titled his book, "Why do bad things happen to good people?" I don't have the answers, and I don't know if there's anyone who does.

  4. The matter is not only with Abdul Kasab friend.. He was just a tool who got brainstormed to do the massacre.In a way kasab also turned out to be a victim of these poisonous thoughts.Just another youth fell into the hands of those jihadi thinkers.. the real deals are somewhere else still working in the factories to make new Abdul Kasabs...

  5. against terrorism6 May 2010, 19:28:00

    Finally Abdul Kasab got sentenced to death penalty..

  6. NSG commando Sandeep Unnikrishnan's Father decided for an all India bicycle trip in memory of his Son and other martyrs of Mumbai terrorist attacks.


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