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Another gallery of emerging new technologies in automobiles from the Volvo's auto show in Cochin..Information and images on latest developing automobile engine concepts..

Signs of developing engines on electrical energy and also hybrid engines which runs on petroleum and electricity effectively in a timely manner of switching between the two..Just have a feast on Electric car engines and recharge concept from Volvo..Also images of Hybrid Engines from Volvo and a water scooter.....

volvos electric car concept model shown in volvos auto show in india cochin,electric car engine and mechanisms demonstrated,volvos recharge concept"Dissected Legs And Dissected Heart"

The Volvo electric concept car has a 4*4 wheel drive..each wheels is driven by separate motors embedded in the wheel cups... The motors powered by either the combustion engine or the car lithium polymer battery technology...The seperate motors makes the car more efficient and balanced..

The energy produced while braking is used to charge the battery...The battery is assigned an equal life or more than that of the car...

The highly efficient special tires to embed the motors are manufactured by Michelin..

volvos electric car engine closeup photograph also the electric dynamo for the car inside the car wheel is seen in the photograph"Under The Hood Of An Electric Car.."

The Volvo Recharge concept car...Uses a Flexi fuel engine..Battery+fuel for running....Can go upto 62 kms on a fully charged battery..It takes upto 3hrs for the cells to get charged fully.

0-60 mph in 9sec time and can go upto 100mph.
For a 155 km ride with a fully charged battery the car will require only 2.8 litrs.. Claims 80% fuel efficiency over other petrol driven cars.. The plug-in technology also says of lower emission levels..

The combustion engine is turned on automatically when 70% of battery charge is depleted.. The driver has the option to turn the engine on manually to maximize the battery capacity and save it for future use in the journey.

For eg:- he can run the car on battery while in the town and can run on combustion engine while on motorways outside the towns..

volvos latest trailer fh16 from volvos automobile show in india cochin kerala,a closeup upshot of the fh16 trailor front"A bottom Up Shot..Volvo FH16..."

I am helpless about the photo for there was not much space to take the photo at a little more wider angle. So got too close..More details about the trailer is given in the previous posting.,You may check their..

volvos latest trailer fh16 driver cabin and dashboard controls photograph from volvos automobile show in cochin kerala"The Dashboard and Steering Column Of Volvo FH16"

What i feel is ...its missing a pedal here..the clutch..And what is surplus is the dashboard switches..Ohhh the driver have to deal with the switches more than the steer i think!!!

Hm the missing clutch is nothing to get excited, the transmission is automatic i think..Certain vehicles in this category may have gear shifts upto 15 and the running gear is always displayed in the dashboard displatys...

volvos hybrid engine,latest engine technology to be used in automobiles"He Is A Hybrid....A Volvo Hybrid Engine."

Moves on electricity and diesel together using one at a time..More info is given in the previous posting.

I was trying to get its full length in my digital camera through this photo..

water scooter demonstrated in an exhibition during volvos ocean race village at cochin kerala india"A Water Scooter"

Shown in one of the stalls there in the exhibition. These also can be battery powered...

links to s80 sedan, d13 engines, volvo luxury bus closeup etc..

links to volvo ocean race village in Cochin / Kerala

The photos above are taken with Panasonic Lumix 6mp Digital Camera with 3x optical zoom by Georjo...

Feel free to comment your opinions....Wish we can meet soon again

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