Fish Aquarium Photos and facts.Golden Fish,Orandas,Blackmoors & Silver Sharks

Another thread on aquarium photography. This time i got the snaps from an aquarium supplies shop in the Indian port town of Cochin in Kerala.The photographs of these aquarium pet fishes are taken from a 2megepixel sonyericsson cellphone camera and shouldn't count for clarity in such an uneven lit condition.Giving you some photos and information on fresh water aquarium fish species like Goldfish and care in maintaining aquarium fish tanks and aquarium fishes.

You know, keeping aquariums is the second biggest hobby in the US, where the first position got stolen by stamp collection.Most popular aquarium fishes are the Goldfish ones, the one originated from china.Other aquarium fish species includes guppy, black molly, angelfish, gourami etc.You can find a few of these in the previous postings on aquarium photography...

You like to get one aquarium for home. Yea, it is nice thinking, but will be nicer to know some information on aquarium fishes and maintaining aquariums before you are in the aquarium supplies shop. Mainly you should go through things like the size and type of aquarium fishes you gonna buy, size of the aquarium you going to keep the fishes, fish feeding, plants to be maintained in the aquarium, changing water, keeping the temperature in the fish tank favourable etc.

A type of Big Golden Fish-Photo from an Aquarium Supplier Shop

big-gold-fish-closeup-from-aquarium-fish-tank,golden carps in aquarium fish tank,fishes photographed from an aquarium supplier in cochin I think she is Wondering of something. May be on the people just standing outside the aquarium and staring on her. 
Or she may be watching the big crowd fight on the neighboring fish tank by a group of gold fish and black moor rebels. Hm you can see that in the following photo. Hey, she have got a black mark on the upper fin, like a hoisted flag on the top. seems like a fish Pirate!

Photos from an aquarium supplies shop in Cochin.Seems like a type of gold fish, i couldn't find her right name anywhere around the fish tank.. If you know the right species specs just comment on below the post.This one was kept alone in that tank, what may be the reason??, is she much aggressive, not feeling so from the look..Like she is  kept alone for she is bigger in size..

Gold Fish Closeup- From Fresh Water Aquariums
aquarium-fishes-photography,Big-golden-fish-in-aquarium,orange carp fish Oh seems she got stunned with the Fight going on in the other aquarium...Hope she may have prayed for them, the fighters. 
Don't know why, but she is having the facial expression like that always.Opened mouth and bulged eyes..Watch the fins, like fire flames.
Care in Selecting Aquarium Fishes:-
Some aquarium fishes are much aggressive to be kept with other peaceful ones, some are easily sociable while some others are territorial. Selecting the right group with an amicable social nature is important while selecting your group of aquarium fishes.After selecting the class you have to consider the size and shape of the aquarium tank depending on the number and size of your aquarium fish group..

Red White Orandas-A type 0f Gold Fish
orandas,red white orandas in aquarium shop glass aquarium,oranda fish group,aquarium-fish-tankSome staring to ma cell camera with right eye, some with left eye, some busy with eating food, some standing still at the bottom of the tank and staring me with both eyes.

From the bottom of a Fish tank with red and white Orandas, a group of Goldfish species, also termed as fancy fan tails.....While selecting the aquarium fish tank the smaller one needs more care. ie if you are going for a fish bowl you have to take much care on it..

Its found out that the goldfish ones are inappropriate for fish bowls for they grow faster in size..The suitable fishes for a fish bowl includes Betta fishes, ghost shrimps, golden mystery snails etc, all kept in limited numbers.We people already have a bad experience of getting a goldfish dead by keeping a pair of them in a Bowl aquarium.

Aquarium Mutiny- Gold Fishes and Black Moors
golden-fishes-and-black-moors-fighting,fish fight,fighting fishes in aquarium,fast moving aquarium fishes,group of gold fishes and black moors Here comes the rebel fighters in the aquarium!
A group of fan tailed gold fishes and black moors.Some mouths opened wide, some black ones trying to climb over the golden ones,Some trying to jump over others.Oh is that a riot or some party celebration!

Moreover similar to a collage of colourful aquarium fishes.Watch the deep black colours between the bright orange ones, they are the black moors, another group of goldfishes..The black moors likely to be trying to get over another gold fish there.. A mobile camera seemed incapable to get such faster movements.

It was really amazing to see the group fight.. Infact it was not a fight but the group of fishes kept moving vigorously...Its a good choice to get a few of this golden and black moors together in your aquarium for they can make an amicable colourful fish society out there.Keep in mind to get an aquarium tank instead of a bowl..Vigorous smart moving fishes indicates that they are healthier. I was holding the camera over the waterlevel of the aquarium to get this snap..

Red Tailed Silver Sharks- The Hyper Active Aquarium Fishes
red tailed silver sharks photographed from aquarium,silver shark,hyper active aquarium fishes,fresh-water-aquarium-fishes The red tailed black finger like aquarium fishes.Silver Sharks.

Looks like small shark fishes in the aquarium.You may know their are warm,cold and saline water aquariums.Saline and warm water aquariums are much expensive and a little hard to maintain. But the type of fishes in them are more attractive multicolored ones.
Fish Facts- Laying Eggs:-
You know, most of the aquarium fishes lay eggs on the plant leaves and other debris like rocks inside the aquarium. Among the few who bear the babies in stomach an example is the guppy.. most of the fishes don't look after their babies and mostly the babies get eaten by the mother fish itself.So its important to isolate the babies from the Fish tank..

Gold Fishes in Aquarium
gold fishes,blurred aquarium photo,gold fish groups in aquarium,cell phone photographs of aquarium gold fishes, cold-water-aquarium-fishes The goldfish community inside the Aquarium

Aquarium Care:-
These gold fishes were priced about 50 INR each in Cochin..Some basic precautions to take while buying an aquarium from an aquarium supplier is to keep an eye on selecting the right group and number of fishes along with an aquarium tank of sufficient size.Fish aquariums must be filled with right type and amount of water before you put your Collection of aquarium fishes in. Well- water if not having harmful chemicals dissolved in, is ideal for cold water fish can get some water conditioners from the fish suppliers to get the water treated for harmful chemicals..

Benefit of Aquarium Plants:-
Keeping aquarium plants inside the aquariums is fine for the fishes.Some timid shy fishes feels comfortable in moving around if your fish tank is having adequate amount of aquarium plants. Plants in aquariums absorbs the nitrogen produced from fish wastes and also the carbon di oxide released by the fishes.Some fishes feed on aquarium plants and the plants can also reduce the algae growth by absorbing the nitrogen in water. Don't use water Hyacinth even in your fish Ponds. They are Aqua Life Killers.

Hope can meet soon again with a new one. Hope you may think a little more than before while buying an aquarium.You can go through some more postings already done here on aquariums and aquarium photography.Look for them below category listing or in the archives. You can watch some Piranhas, goldfishes and gouramis there.
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