Kerala hydro irrigation river Dams..Pothundi irrigation Project Palakkad

Some photographs from the sites of small hydro irrigation dam projects in Kerala.The photos following are of the Pothundi irrigation project in palakkad district of kerala the southern state of India...The dam is built on the tributaries of Ayalur river  named Meenchadi puzha and Padipuzha at a length of 100 meters..
The irrigation project consists of the river reservoir and two main canals starting form the hydro project and their distributaries which irrigates upto 5466 hectres of land area in Chittur and Alathur taluks of palakkad district in Kerala..Let us have a walk around the dam and the river valley and a little boating through the dam reservoir.. Comeon take my hand...... 
hydro projects for irrigation purpose in kerala india,river dam pothundi from palakkad ditrict of kerala india
 The View of Pothundi dam's catchment area during summer time..

The dam is built just some distance below the two tributaries i mentioned above combines and flows together..Watch the mountain ranges getting covered by the clouds, and the sunlight making the clouds glow soo bright there over the mountains..

The major dams in kerala are having presence of huge mountains nearby..You may know that these huge ones can stop the clouds and make them rain in the dam catchment area which gives some add on to the water level..The famous hydro electric project in Idukki district of kerala is built between two big mountain rocks..Hope i may get the photos from there sooner for you..

river dam reservoir photograph from small irrigation dam hydro dam project in kerala,dam named poothundi in palakkad district of indian state kerala

The Panoramic landscape scenery of the river valley and the catchment area along with the mountain....Hmm watchout the hill there, standing like a parent to the river.. May be thinking ,who blocked my little baby girl from running down!!The dam sems a little scarce in water..Maybe due to  summer!!!..
photography during boating in the dam reservoir,closeup photo of the river water in dam from boat

Boating in the river dam reservoir..The river water seems mountain fresh..You know rivers flowing through forests and mountains in their course are regarded having medicinal effects in their water for they flows through the medicinal herbs and plants inside the forests..I heard this when we had a tour trip to the Hogenekkal water falls in tamilnadu where the wild river water current of Kauvery is considered having curing effects..

scenic landscape view from the spillway of the hydro irrigation project in kerala,clouds covered mountains photographed from the dam

The calm quiet and peaceful family..The clouds,mountain and the river!!!
Just a snap of the mountains and the reservoir from the river bank.. Seems its gonna rain soon....

small irrigation projects in kerala state,poothundi dam and spill way photograph

The pothundi dam Spillway section.. Clouds over the mountains acting as a shade for the mountains from sun..

scenic view of the river dam from kerala india,small river irrigation project in palakkad district of kerala state poothundi

Watchout... Like somebody poured the mountains with clouds.. Feels like the clouds goin to swallow the mountain peaks or are they having a deep kiss..Hope its not valentines today!!!!!!!!!.....
This dam project was started in 1958, partially commissioned in 1968 and compleated in 1971..About 96% of the activities have been compleated and the total expenditure incurred upto the end of 1995-96 is about 382 lakhs..

The photography done by Mr Anoop Aravind, an employee of Centre for Water Resources Development and Managment (CWRDM) Calicut Kerala..He took the photos at the time of a visit to the Dam site as part of his job..Photos provided by Sreerag AS  ma friend and also an employee of  CWRDM Kerala.. Thanx for the support friends.. With love......
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