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Another group of fresh aquarium fishes in fish tanks photographed from some fish supplier, here around in Cochin- Kerala.. This time am giving you OSCARS. Yup that's the name of these warm water aquarium fish species.

Facts and figures about this pet fish turned out to be really interesting. Regarding the intelligence, nature, community behaviour, mating, food  these fish species shows unique characters.

We were there to get some medics for the small Zebra fishes we had in our aquarium Bowl.For some days they were feeling drowsy, and behaving like drunkards. You know what their was a female one among them which kept attacking the other fishes, inspite of any reason it even attacked our big Sucker fish one day.

.I started ma business with the SONY ERiC K750i cell phone cam while ma friends were having a little talk with the shop keeper. And as expected there was no one who was ready  for a snap. Hmm i had to run behind all to get a snap..

In the goldfish tank, one fish moves from one side of the tank to the other and others follows, about the guppies, too restless. Then met the Oscars, kept inside a big aquarium with a number not less than 6 i think..The rule is the more the number of Oscars the lesser the risk of attacking the minors.

Aquarium Fishes, pink Oscars 

pink-oscar aquarium-fishes,oscars,fish-closeup-photo,aquariums-cochin-kerala
 Am grateful to you Dear, you had that patience to have a look to the camera.. Anyway,can i ask you somthing!,  Won't you people Smile? The Oscar fish came closer to the glass of the aquarium,   These are the least aggressive one among the Oscar fish species, named Pink Tiger Oscars.

Oscar's Aggressive Nature:-
 Oscars are notorious for their aggressive nature, to keep them calm you have to consider the number of Oscars to be kept together, their Sizes, and the group of fishes along with them in the aquarium..

Speaking of the number anything under 6 oscars together may turn out to be aggressive each other, unless you keep them single. Think you have kept 6 oscars together and a male and female paired out of them and started defining their territories, in no time you have to isolate other oscars from the pairs.

About the Size, these people are having a tendency to prick, pinch and bite those fishes much smaller than them. So we have to select an Oscar group of almost same Sizes. If you are gonna keep guppies or small gold fishes with these guys they will turn out to be evening snacks to these ones, so its better to keep these ones with equally compatible ones in terms of Size..

Selecting Aquarium for Oscars:-
The perfect home for Oscars should be large enough for these ones can grow upto 12 inches, and sometimes 18 inches, depends on the size of aquarium you keeps them. These ones need a little Warm water aquarium around 70 to 80 degree F.

Also it is better to limit the decorations inside for these fishes want to move freely, but a shelter of some big rocks may help if the Oscars are kids who may need to hide sometimes..

Keeping a thick layer of gravel or sand with a few rocks and some plants are ideal home for these ones.. Mind you that these guys have their own idea about their home. The funnier thing is if they don't like some plants or small rocks, they will spit them out of the aquarium.. Hmm you may have a nice time collecting stones walking around the fish aquariums..

And its no need to say that you have to keep the water quality, for these ones can contaminate the water faster. An external power filter may be ideal. About 50 gallons of water is needed to keep an adult oscar.. And for colder zcountries you may have to get a water heater to keep the water warm over 70 degree F.

About Feeding Oscar Fishes:-
About the food, these ones can be fed with ordinary floating tropical fish food when they are little ones. Have to change tto fish food pellets when they are grownups.

You know, these fishes mostly like live food, ie small fishes, earthworms, insects etc.. But its not recommended to give live food for the contamination it does. Anyway you can consider feeding them live food just some hours before you going to change the fish tank water..

Its not advisory to give your Oscars feeder goldfishes etc for they may gradually bring fish diseases.

Oscar Fishes Photographed from Aquariums
 oscar fish pairs,aquarium-fish-pictures,aquarium-supplies-cochin,tiger-oscars
Seems she got stunned by seeing someone taking her picture.The pink Oscar pairs seen inside the aquarium.You know what, these Oscars are good actors too. they will lay still at the bottom of the aquarium as if gonna die and when the smaller fishes approach near, the acting ends and stunt begins which may end when the prey is caught.

Breeding Oscars:-
The most queried thing about these fishes are the ways to breed them in aquariums. The first thing needed is a large enough aquarium with precisely maintained water temperature which may make the Oscar fishes comfortable..

The Female fish lays eggs on some flat rocks around and the male fertilizes and the transparent eggs turns out white after getting fertilized.At time of mating these may behave strange with rhythmic movements and sometimes you may see them attacking each other.There are reports that this fish can live more than about 20 years, sometimes  more with proper care.The fishes above were seen in a small Aquarium Supply shop here in Cochin and a pair of those pink Oscars is priced about 750/- INR

Will be back with something nice soon.Be back here friends.

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