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DRAGON-FLIES, insects that always flies around us, in our gardens and our surroundings perhaps unnoticed.. But when you come to know a little about these God's tiny flying marvels, am sure you won't fail watching the tiny insects the very next time you people encounter. As i was wandering through the web for some facts on these insects, things turned out to be interesting. I would love to share what i found with you..

Hmm can you feel any resemblance to any man made thing with these insects!! ,You may have felt as what i felt since a child, seeing them around in gardens, yea much similar to the human made flying machines, the Helicopters. Its not a miracle if the very design and concept of  Helicopter derived from these flying insects.

Their flying capabilities are amazing, a very fast flying insect, estimated in speeds from 30 to 60 MPH. The interesting thing is they can even fly backward, oops does our helicopters have a reverse Gear!!  They can catch their prey while flying. It's interesting to watch these ones staying still in air watching around for food..

Dragon flies as you know has two sets of wings, and its not needed that they have to move their whole wings simultaneously, ie the front pairs can move up when back pairs are moved down.. This extra set of flying aids gives these insects a reduced wing beat rate of 30 while a small fly may have vigorous rate of 300 beats per second.. Hmm pretty fuel efficient huh!!

red dragon-fly closeup photo,macro photo of insect,insect close picture,red fly
Nature's little Helicopter, just landed -may be for some rest!!

The little red Dragon-Fly found resting in a small dry plant. I was not expecting him to stay still for ma k750 mobile phone camera, but decided to give a try.. Its dead stillness made us wonder even if the insect is dead, but after giving me some close snaps the small red machine took off--- again back in Business.

Watch them closer to their glassy round head.. You may sometime see them in an act like eating, with their front hand pairs. But whenever i saw them doing that,  their hands were empty.. May be licking the fingers after a delicious lunch!!

I wana ask you something.. have you ever got bitten by these insects... I wonder if you caught one of them while a child.. Hmm talking about the bite, yea i got some while i really asked for it catching them and touching their mouth with ma finger tips.. You wanna know how it tasted,  similar to a small honey bee bite.. nice tingling itchy feeling,  just give a try!!!  But don't harm them ok..

Facts On Dragon-Flies

  • Their are 3 stages of  life for dragon flies, The Egg, Nymph and the Adult dragon fly.. Most of their life is spend in the Nymph state, that too under the water.. They feeds on small insects,mosquito larvae and sometimes butterflies,small fishes and bees.
  • The lifespan of a Dragon-fly may last to more than 4 years, but they can survive to only a or few months after starting the flying stage of dragon flies, we are familiar with. So never ever kill a dragon fly flying around , for you may be stealing its precious last moments of life!!
  • Dragon flies are helpful insects for us as they loves catching & eating mosquitoes and the nymph stage of these insects keeps eating mosquito larvae and eggs.. These ones are perfect on the air hunters who can chase and catch their prey with their bucket hands.. Its found most of the insects are defeated by them in pursuits, of course fast fliers they are..
  • Dragon flies mates during the adult flying stage and does it while they are flying. the female fly finds a pond or marshy area to keep  the eggs. Often they lays eggs under water plants, or if no plant is found they may even drop the eggs into water.. But prefers still pond or marsh water, rarely fast flowing rivers.
  • Dragon flies have their eyes made of more than 3000 lenses and they can see around their head in 360 degrees. But they can't see as clear as a single lensed human eye.

black and white dragon fly,dragon flies closeup mode photos,dragon-fly in grass,flies in garden,useful insects
The black and White Flying machine

These ones were seen in pairs, but the difference with the above red one was these ones were much restless. While trying for a photo i just managed to get him locked in the focus, but as soon as i clicked he took off  giving me an empty grass canvas..Seemed like we disturbing him while having some nice time with his mate. Anyway we people didn't bothered him much.

 Dragon flies are of more than 5000 species in the world now. Their history is backed from more than 300 million years. And their were really Dragon - Flies which had a wing size of more than 2.5 feet, known for us from examining the fossils. Damsel flies are also there, which are a little different from these dragons, but also categorized under same species of insects.

 red flying insect photo,red dragon fly macro shot,insect photography,mobile phone photos,k750 camera macro photos,insects
Preparing for the Takeoff!!

The red dragon fly just noticed ma mobile camera coming nearer to him, and he took off  giving me the last snap of the series.. But i will say the camera, inspite of the facts, being inside a mobile and only of 2 megapixels, had done an excellent job here in locking the focus on subjects and giving me the perfect colour reproduction.  Well, we all say something excellent when it does something perfectly others of its type can't do.

Back to dragon-flies, these insects also has some myths surrounding them like, they can make a dead snake live, and they will sew naugty crying children's lips  while sleeping etc.. According to cultures they are symbolised in many ways, like symbols of joy, positive nature, change, hope, love etc etc, depends on the cultures.

The photos were taken while walking around, somewhere in Cochin/ Kerala. The camera used is Sony Ericsson K750i  (2 MP).  Coming more. just be back here friends..

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