Kerala Temple Festivals&Decorated Elephants-Elephants with Nettipattom In Pooram

Kerala- a place termed as God's own country in the tourism map, a place having a cultural and religious pattern of its own. It's estimated to be more than a million of temples in the south Indian state Kerala. If their are temples there comes the festivals. From the world known Thrissur Pooram which is known as Pooram of Poorams, the state witnesses small and large festivals all over the temples. Commonly the main festive season of a temple lasts for about more than 10 or 15 days with various rituals and cultural arts done through the course of the ceremony.. In the ending days the main attraction of the celebrations,  Pooram is held out.. Elephants decorated and arranged in lines grabs the main attraction of the final day. Elephants regarded as holy animals in the name of  Hindu God Ganesh, are a must for every temple in the state,.Numerous numbers of elephants are hired by the time of Festival season of the Temples. No wonder why kerala has much number of Domesticated Elephants.
Elephants decorated in Pooram, the Festival of Temples
Photographed from Chebuchira in Thrissur district of Kerala.
The Temple is in the name of Lord Shiva.  elephants-kerala,elephant,decorated-elephants-in-hindu-temple-festival,kerala-festivals,hindu-temple-celebrations-kerala,elephants-festivals,decorated-elephant-in-pooram,elephant-nettipattom,
Festival Elephants decorated with materials like Nettipattopm(the golden ornament covering the elephant's forhead), Thidambu and MuthuKuda(The colourful cloth umbrellas held by men sitting over the elephants.)

These ornaments are specially crafted for festivals like this. The Thidambu representing gratitude given to Lord Ganesh. The photographs are taken from the festival of  a temple local to a small region in Thrissur district of Kerala. The very main Festival concerning the Temples of the state is the Thrissur Pooram, the festival of Thrissur VadakkumNatha Temple, which comes in the months of April-May.. Including numerous Tourists, lakhs of people gathers on the place by the very time of  Thrissur Pooram...............

Photographs by a friend from Thrissur.More photos of the festival coming on, just a moment..
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  1. Thanks for the info on the festival and elephants. This is definitely something I would love to experience in person.


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