Violet Tiny Garden Flowers:Closeup Photos of Garden flowers in Kerala

Another gallery of flowers.This time the tiniest violet flower from my home garden. Infact was just trying out the macro focus and other manual settings of the camera Cannon powershot A530. Favourabile factor here than the other cell phone photogalleries is, am using a Digital Camera. Unfavourable thing is. Bad weather, Cloudy and windy.

The flower photos seems a little more noisy than the other flower galleries for i compressed it to the max after resizing.Sorry guys have to do so for the sake of  minimizing page load time. The actual picture came out of the camera was about 2Mb and after compressing got sliced down to a few Kbs.

Tiniest Flower In my Garden- Small violet flowers

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The violet tiny flower pairs, photographed from a shrub like garden plant. A plant with tiny leaves and tiny flowers which blooms all along the small branches like little violet spots all over.

Macro Mode Shot of Violet Flowers- Garden Flower Photos

 violet flowers,cannon a530 digital camera sample pictures,flowers in gardens of kerala state
Violet tinies, smallest flowers in the garden.
Giving a try in macro mode of the camera and, this the maximum closer snap i got in the manual focus settings. Was aiming on the nearest flower, and the most annoying thing was the uneven wind which kept disturbing the flower. No complaints, its ma fault to get out their in a cloudy, windy day just before the rain..Just wanted to experiment with the camera's capability to see minute things.

What i felt was to do better clicking in manual focusing mode; at the maximum closer point to the subject, need a steady hand and ofcourse a steady subject. Rest depends on the gadget in your hands.The photos are taken with a digital camera of  5MP in manual spot focusing mode.To be honest am feeling better with the macro photographs done by 2Mp Sony cellphones than this.

What it demands may be more care and experience to get the perfect result. should keep experimenting i think!!A request to you, if you know the name of this tiny flower species please do comment the name below. Help us from keeping the flower an unidentified one...
Cu soon ..Pixelshots
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  1. Wow...violet garden flowers closeup photos looks awesome on your blog. Thanks for sharing it.


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