cat and kitten photos from beach in kerala

While we met some cats in the beach in an evening visit..Photos are from the beach in calicut district of kerala.Hmm they seems bros!!!! or sis?? or brother and sis?.. whatever, they have that catish cuteness i feel...The cats were roaming around evening fish sellers there in the beach itself in search of some food..Hope have got a few thrown out fishes from the baskets..

cats closeups from beaches in kerala calicut,kittens in the beach 
 hey! hey! its not fish in my hand, just a camera mobile...don't try jumping and eat it!!. just taking your picture buddy,  Hmm seems the kitten is much younger.. Looks like he's expecting something to eat, from the photographer..

beach sand just after the wave washed over the bank
 Just had a bath!!!.. The sand in the beach after a washout by the waves..Like a texture image..

cat posing for photograph in the beach,kittens picture from the beaches in kerala,cat portrait,animal portrait,pet photography

Poses like he's a professional model..Keeping the principle of ---"Never Look in the camera While Posing a photo!!!"..His brother, looking us curiously from the distance....

Photographs taken by Arun from the beach in Calicut district of Kerala India..Camera used- SonyEricsson k750i

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