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What about Goose!. Yea this time some pictures and a little info about a pet bird, but not a pet bird everywhere you may encounter it. Often they are wild birds who prefers living with their folks in a disciplined manner. But this goose which is snapped here is a pet bird somewhere in the house nearby, but she was given the freedom of  humans to go anywhere and we often used to meet this one always in the streets. But was a lonely goose, no pair indeed. Seemed like she rather preferred to be lonely than having a chicken company. No dogs of other animals found to be threatening her any time, hope they know the goose has got a long neck and a sharp beak .

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Tea time! What about some Snacks. The goose looking for some food. Hey ant, start running, a fork coming down to get you!. Domestic white goose photographed from kerala. Geese family are meant to be vegetarians who feeds on cereals, algae, water plants, pond weeds, etc no wonder if the habitat has changed its nature. Sometimes elephants are given chicken meat; ants and worms may be be ideal for goose then. You know what geese birds may spend upto 12 hours eating in a day. They usually takes food in early mornings and afternoons.

Entirely meant for water ways, not to run on land. The ideal streamlined body and the special swimming legs makes them much adaptive to water than land.  But goose in captivity may don't know what it is gifted with. We haven't seen this one flying or swimming yet. Geese can be migratory also but its a thing studied from others when they are in the geese folks.

Looks like time to be back Home!.
The white pet goose found in the walkway.

Goose Facts
  • Geese are naturally very calm birds but may bite if threatened. They are seen more aggressive when guarding the youngones or eggs for hatching
  • Both male and female goose looks after the younger ones from predators.This nature helped to maintain a better survival rate of young ones among geese.
  • Geese are one mate for a lifetime birds.If the pair dies off they will find another one
  • Goose folks are found to be flying higher and faster when they are in the group and maintains a pattern while flying.If one goose falls down due to illness or ant accident two geese from the folk goes down and accompanies it till it dies off or rejoins with the folk after the sick one gets well.
  • They looses their feather fully by the months around june and in wild by this time they stays close to water bodies to escape through water in case of predator attacks.Loosing of feathers is called molting.About 6 weeks takes to get the feathers back and fly again.
  • Life span of a Goose ranges around 20 years.
  • Migratory Geese covers upto 3000 miles 
  • Mating season is February to march
  • Migratory geese returns to their birth place each year to mate and hatch the eggs in nest.
  • Usually they nest in ground,islands are favourite locations to nest and they may also nest in unflooded swamps.
  • Goose eggs are called clutch, and the mother goose waits until all eggs are laid to sit on them to hatch and it usually takes nearly 30 days to incubate.In a clutchall geese eggs hatches same day.
  • Undeveloped eggs may sink in water or floats vertically with wider portion downward.Developed ones floats nearly horizontal showing some portion above water.
  • Goslings- that what a baby geese called after.
  • Average eggs per nest is 5.
  • Baby geese thats goslings takes 6 weeks to fly.
  • The migrating geese have strong tendency to return back to the birth place.
  • The folks will have a guard geese to warn in case of any danger while grazing in fields.
  • Usually they chases away the enemy.
  • About 11 species of Canada geese.
  •  Largest goose the Giant Canada goose may weight upto 7 Kgs.
  • In urban areas they often becomes nuisance by grazing in golf courses and parks and leaving droppings all over.Going near to goslings may result in an attack from the parent geese.                                           
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