ORCHIDS, Ground Orchid Violet Flowers from Kerala

Violet orchid flowers from some home gardens in Kerala. Spathoglottis Plicata, its this orchid plant's scientific name and is of the flowering plants family Orchidaceae. These are usually termed as Ground orchids and also has flowers in colors of White, lavender,pink, yellow-orange etc. The violet and white ground orchids are most common here in Kerala.

These ground orchids flowers throughout the year than a particular season. The plants need ordinary care when compared to other orchid species. Ground orchids needs moderate or half shade and can be in full sun if its not the hottest sun. They requires to be watered especially in the growing and budding up time but not that careful as the other garden orchids. The garden plant can be grown in a soil mixed up with cow dung charcoal plant manures etc which will loosen the soil for better drainage and easy rooting. The dead leaf strands and the dried out flower stems should be removed regularly for a healthy growth of this flowering plant.
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  1. Stunning picture of the Orchids flowers, will definitely make my day. Keep posting.


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