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Kerala rivers and backwaters photo gallery links. The river photos are not completely collected yet, but keeps growing.

river names-river tributaries

Photos, Names and lengths of Kerala's rivers and river tributaries with length of rivers in Kilometres.

bharathapuzha, river sand mining

Photos of Bharathapuzha river. Sandmining and truck loading activities in the river banks.


sandmining from the banks of bharathapuzha

Mined river sand filled in sacks along river banks of kerala.

kerala river

chalakkudy river, small river dam, water cascade in river, arattukadavucanoe boats in river , kerala river lengths

Photos from some of the parts of chalakudi river , Thrissur, Kerala 

small rivers

Small river seeen aside the roadstrip to Munnar hills.

evening sky in river
Evening sky and calm river course photographed during a train journey.

Kallada River photo

Thenmala-Kollam-Kerala-India- Just a glimpse of the river's  green water filled course as seen from the banks in deer park of Thenmala. Photos keeps coming in the below links.

Dry Empty River Bed of Kallada

Dry river bed of kallada river filled with huge rocks and debris.

Rock Filled Rivers Bed classified as danger zone

Kallada river bed rocks photographed from the river bed. Its a cautioned place for river accidents as per the information board erected by Kallada Irrigatopn departmant.

Mountain stream

A mini cascade in a mountain stream that flows into river Kallada. 

River photos from Calicut, Kerala

Arippara falls in Iruvanjy Puzha, river photos of strong river current that splashes through rocks. 

Kerala Backwaters

kerala backwaters

Tamilnadu river Kauvery 
tamilnadu river kauveri, hogenekkal photos

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  3. Thanks for sharing beautiful pics. Hognekal Water falls very beautiful and dangerous too. Kerala is the beautiful place to see. Its god's own country. They have all natural resources. River Sand Bangalore | M-Sand Bangalore


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