Puppy EJ trained under Most intelligent Dog Endal, Moments of an extraordinary friendship between a man and his Yellow Labrador dogs

Endal, EJ and Allen. Some more photos of Cute labrador puppy Endal Junior or Ej with his beloved trainer dog Endal and the master Allen. The friendship between some yellow labradors and a man, which went world famous.
Ooops am i in trouble, the man i supposed to follow has got a big IMAGE!.
The puppy Endal Junior, a close snap of the little labrador puppy from the lawn.

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Hey hope it won't upset you if i share your blue jacket. Let me give a try, me too have to wear this na, the jacket of dogs with jobs..
Endal and Endal junior, the dog awarded as the Dog of Millennium with the little trainee puppy, EJ.

With the boss. Endal and puppy EJ with Allen, trying to say  CHEESE.. 

 Allen saying about meeting Puppy EJ
I recently received an email from our dear friend Jo Coulson, once the secretary for the Labrador club of great Britain, saying that Joy had recently had a litter of Labradors of which three were yellow boys (Labrador + yellow + boy the search criteria). I quickly arranged to have a viewing and Sandra my wife, puppy operations manager for canine partners did the early assessment and EJ maxed out on the points ....scoring very highly. On our very first visit to see the three dogs EJ was the one that settled down right along side the wheelchair as if that was where he had chosen to be. I had a real feeling of De za vue as this was just how Endal and I first met and bonded.  A period of reflexion, to consider all the effects of the changes and impact of taking on a new puppy, took place and at eight weeks old we adopted EJ Arizona (Joy named all the puppies after Royal naval warships which is most appropriate as the dad is called Anchorman and Allen had himself served in the Royal Navy for 20 years)

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