Old Indian car dumped in scratch yard, Fiat 1100 car of model 1950s, Cochin, Kerala, Black & White cellphone photography

Old Indian car in the scratch yard. guessing the car to be a Fiat made in the late 1950s. The overall body looks of the sedan shows some similarities to the old Fiat Elegant that was introduced into the Indian automobile market in the year of 1957. By now as years passed, its the amazing new era of cars and SUVs with hybrid engines, automatic transmissions, cruise controlls, multi fuel cars and trucks which runs on pure ethanol, gasoline or LPG etc or even electric cars and this very old guy resting in the scratch yard waiting its end. 

Infact if we consider immobility is the criteria of death, then this fiat is already dead. We didn't knew if he got his engine under his hood, even though not functioning. Rusted body, broken blinkers, missing bumpers and what the Fiat got intact was a front windshield and the tires. Ofcourse the car have got a strong steel body which is missing in most of today's vehicles.

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A member from the lost world of automobiles, one of the oldest Fiat cars ever made in India. Internationally Fiat introduced variants of this car like Fiat1100D, Fiat 1100E, 1100B etc. Among this the 1100D model of Fiat got very popular in India in the name Premier Padmini, which was one of the most common taxi car in the streets of Mumbai painted in yellow and black.

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The rear view of the old sedan. May have once burned the roads, but now abandoned in the scratch yard of some auto mechanic. The car may have got repaired if the parts were made available. Being an old and stopped car model of the Fiat the mechanic may have got compelled to abandon this one.

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Resting and Rusting car antique. All over the body the paint of the car started peeling off. Some parts of the metal body started dissapearing from the inevitable rusting process.

Fiat Group of Companies
FIAT, the largest italian car maker and 6th biggest in the world started a joint venture of automobile manufacturing in India by 1950's. FIAT means Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino, ie in English FIAT is  Italian Automobile Factory of Turin. Besides Automobile industry Fiat group has productions in areas of  Agriculture and Construction equipments, Commercial vehicles like Army vehicles, firefighting vehicles, Buses etc. 

More than 85 percent of Ferrari sports is with Fiat. An aeronautical wing of Fiat named Fiat Aviazione and now merged with Aerfer and the company is Aeritalia. Fiat aviation has made many aircrafts for the military like fighter planes named CR20, G50, G55 etc, bombers like Fiat BR-20 etc. Besides Fiat is the biggest italian component maker and has a Metallurgical product unit too. Vespa is the motorcycle brand of Fiat.
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Walking through the streets of Cochin we encountered this car in one of the scratch yards adjacent to the shop of a car mechanic. Before the garage had a Chevrolet Buick accompanying this fiat car. By the time we happened to be there for the photos the Chevrolet was missing! 

Cochin has grown to a city which has  showrooms and dealers for every car manufacturer in the world now. I think the latest auto giant who opened a showroom in Cochin is the Volvos. Audis, Skoda, Bimmers, Mercedes and Toyotas are already in the city for years. Beside from company outlets, several used car and imported car and SUV dealers having Hummers, Ferraris and many old cars are also present. Its not that weired if someone dumps the old unrecoverable cars in scratch yards like this.

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  7. can you give me the exact location of this car found in Cochin ? pls mail to kurienzmathew@gmail.com

  8. Oh Kurian, i took this car's pic long back and to be honest not exactly remembering the spot in cochin. Its somewhere around Vytila, chalikkavatton area, and the pic was taken in the year of 2010. Right now you will be having very little chance of finding the car. Still you may try your luck.


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