Mountain Stream Mini Monsoon waterfalls-Enroute Thenmala

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man made waterfalls in mountain stream

A small waterfalls seen aside the road strip towards Thenmala. As said in the hanging bridge photo post before we are continuing our trip towards Thenmala dam and Palaruvi waterfalls. Moving through the Kollam-Thirumangalom NH-208 just before the Lookout point of Thenmala this small watercascade came into view. Its seen in the left side of a sharp curve in the road.

Eventhough not at all a big waterfalls compared to other ones in Kerala, it has its own charm. When splashing down from that small height of a few foots the falls turns milky. The mini waterfalls seems to be human made for the sole purpose of bathing and other needs. Small hoses are laid in the stream and used to divert water into tea shop beside the falls.

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Tears of the mountains splashing through the rocks. There are so many bubbles in the white film of water flowing down through that slanting rock top. The natural process of aerating water huh!.

The quantity of water flowing down is not much but the stream is made to fall onto the rocks and concrete slabs making the water droplets milky. Resource from the nature, beautified by man. Seems it was just a stream flowing down and got diverted a little through some concrete structure and turned into a small waterfalls. Peoples passing through in goods transport trucks etc which are common in this inter state highway sometimes takes bath from here.
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milky mountain stream

A complete view of the mini mountain stream falls Can see a pipe placed on the top to divert the water stream. The small mountain stream flows down and passes through  the under road tunnel and joins main course of the River Kallada which inturn flows into backwaters.

The photos of this mountain stream is taken during the month of August just after the monsoon season. There was rain in nearby days before we reach here and am not sure about the waterfalls in extreme summer seasons. May be drying up completely. And don't know how strong it can be in peak of monsoon too, rain was moderate here in this monsoon .

Exploring a little, climbing up those rocks was possible but we didn't had much time bcoz a little more to drive before reaching bigger waterfalls and dense forests awaiting ahead in our trip, and what we had got was half a day.

All the photographs taken with Samsung GT-S5620,3mp cellphone camera in landscape mode and auto white balance.
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Falls in Mountain Stream
Their is a small iron fence beside the falls and beside it is a big pit filled with rocks into which the stream falls down. If you are planning a trip in this route it will be better to have your own private vehicle free to stop wherever you want. The place has dense tropical forests by the riverside and so many waterfalls and interesting spots are there inside forests. Exploring a little inside the forests may turn interesting provided you with a group of  people willing to walk and climb through. From here just a minute drive and you will be reaching Thenmala Lookout Point. Wait for that in the coming posts. If you are planning to visit these places this Onam season [months of August- September] is the best, for the water bodies are rich from the monsoon rains.

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