Kollam Beach Monsoon Season Photos-South Kerala Beaches

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Kollam Beach during Monsoons
Kollam beach photos, taken during a small holiday trip. Just a few kilometres  from the heart of kollam town this beach turnout to be a perfect place to relax. Tourism activities are nourishing around this place. The old Mahatma Gandhi park near this beach is renovated now and is on the verge of finishing touches. What you may like is the neatness of this beach along with the golden beach sand which is kept evaded and drenched by those sea waves.

The beach and surroundings is free from the busy city life. Resorts and hotels are just showing up and some of them are facing the beach. Last time when i visited the beach sand was slanting onto the sea but now the sea is in monsoon fury and started eating the beach. A step of sand is formed by the sea waves and now we have to step down to meet the waves.. Seems it to be a natural process and the previous state of the beach will be replenished in a matter of time.

kerala beaches,golden sands of the beach,coromandel coast beaches,neat kerala beaches,golden beaches,beach danger zones,dangerous beaches,beach waves,rough seaThe best part of this beach is the sea water is not much contaminated from the town sewage lines etc unlike the beaches in Calicut and all, where the whole waste from hotels and other apartments are flown directly into the sea through a drainage line in the middle of beach. The sea here in kollam is a little rough in the left most part and caution boards are placed to warn tourists from taking bath there.

The sea is not known to be swimmable here, but Thirumullavaram, only a few kilometres from Kollam is known to be swimmable.  Taking a leisure in the evenings in this beach, watching the beach sunset and walking along the beach etc are what this golden-sand streatched beach is meant for a tourist heading here. More to it there are small palm leaves shades placed along the beach near to the park which comes useful in much sunny days, if you not intend to take a sunbath.I guess the people in Kerala will be liking a moon-bath than the sunbath huh. Anyway now its not the time for both for the sky is covered with monsoon clouds and all you can get is a rain bath in this monsoon.
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Monsoon sea waves photographed from Kollam beach

Roaring waves of the sea, on the way to strike and spread on the shore. By the time we were there it was noon and the sea was not much rough. but we could see the sea was rough recently and already she had bitten off the beach sand enormously. We had to step down to the waves, from the beach behind which is about 3 foot high.

The fishing harbour of Kollam is just a kilometer from this beach. All the fishing activities are isolated there and this beach is kept clean entirely for tourists and people who want a break and relax from their busy life.
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The sea waves washing out through the golden beach sand. The sand in the beach after the wave retrieves is awesome with its golden yellowish tint and wave smoothened surface. Each sea wave giving and taking sand from the shore and we can't question for its all her property huh..

The sea itself making and destroying the beach!. But here some human activity too, much plastic litters are seen around which is the only annoying thing i found around. Hope the authorities will take care of the plastics and make the people aware of dumping them properly. Moreover its not a matter of awareness, but nobody is caring to!

kollam beach photographs,kollam beach in the months of September,monsoon tourism season in kerala beaches,best tourism spots in kerala state,Indian beaches,kollam kadalThe peculiarity of Kollam, considering the tourist mind is all the tour attractions here are within at the maximum 20 kilometres from the town center. Most of them like Kollam beach, Thirumullavaram beach, Thangacherry, Ashtamudi lake, Adventure park etc in a range within 8 kilometers. The place Kollam is more significant for the Cashew, spices and marine industries.The name of Kollam is derived from the Sanscrit word 'Kolam' means Pepper. Trading of spices, cashew etc from all parts of the world is prevailing here even from the time of Portuguese in India. Fishing harbors and ports are in Kollam, Neendakara etc..

As a monument of the past historical places and Forts built by dutch and Portuguese are there. Moreover Kollam is called the Gateway to Backwaters, blessed with the vast stretching Ashatamudi Lake. You can take house boats and country boat boating trips here in the backwaters and also houseboat trips towards Allapuzha is available from Kollam.Will tell you and show you more about Kollam in the coming postings with more photos of beach, a beach mermaid girl sculpture, the MG park, Kollam fishing harbor etc.

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