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Palaruvi Waterfall, Kerala
Palaruvi Waterfall is the 40th highest river falls among Indian waterfalls and 3rd highest among Kerala's waterfalls. The waterfalls are inside the forests near Aryankavu of Kollam district, Kerala. Palaruvi is a must visit tourist spot if you are visiting Thenmala Eco-Tourism, the first planned eco-tourism spot of Kerala.

Palaruvi falls is seen in the River Kallada, and this stream is one its tributaries. Palaruvi falls height is about 299 feet, ie 91 meters whereas Meenmutty and Soochipara waterfalls of Wayanadu district/Kerala, are having heights 300 meters and 200 meters respectively. Meenmutty and Soochipara waterfalls are in first and second place among the waterfalls in Kerala state considering the falling heights. 
Palaruvi waterfall is classified under Horse Tail shaped single drop falls. Of course, the white stream of river falls resembles the shape of a white horse's tail, narrow at the starting point and spreads out by the tail end.

Palaruvi [Stream of Milk] waterfalls is a seasonal waterfall which shows its mightiness during the monsoons and mostly dries up in the midst of summer. The photographs of the river fall posted here are taken during the month of August, monsoon was going on moderately that time. In heavy monsoons, the waterfalls grow more wide and wild.

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Palaruvi Horse Tail waterfalls
A close snap of Palaruvi. Trying to get the full length of the falls with ma cellphone camera, but not that successful coz the waterfalls extends more downward. People were standing there under the falls and taking the shower of nature.

The mountain fresh river stream is having its course through forests rich in medicinal plants and herbal flowers. Palaruvi waterfall is thus considered to be much ideal for an ayurvedic herbal bath from nature itself. Heard there are ayurvedic physicians who insist to take bath in this waterfalls.

Watching closer, the water falling down seems like white threads through the rocks. Every single drop getting smashed through the rocks and spraying down like a white shower. Taking this snap standing just in front of the pool formed inside the rocks below the palaruvi waterfalls. Below this main falls tourists can take dips and enjoy the fresh medicinal shower. The pool here below the falls is relatively shallow and safe to swim if the guards say so. At times they won't allow.

Compared to other bigger waterfalls of Kerala, like Athirapilly falls the amount of water falling down in palaruvi waterfalls is less. Unlike many dangerous waterfalls, palaruvi falls is close approachable, provided the monsoon is not at its peak.

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Palaruvi Falls, 3d Highest Kerala Waterfall
Snapped from the palaruvi falls. This is the view when you are approaching the palaruvi falls from the parking area. As seen in the photo it's a two-step waterfall with two pools. The upper step falls into the first pool up in the rocks and in turn that pool spills and falls down through the rocks into the lower pool. Its said the upper pool is much deep and so dangerous.

Hiking to the upper level of Palaruvi falls is not a nice idea considering the drownings happened before. Most accidents were at a primitive stage of this place before being a famous tourist spot. But most of the deaths were due to carelessness and taking alcoholic drinks. Now alcohol is strictly prohibited here.
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Palaruvi falls is now one of the safest and an amazing forest picnic point in southern Kerala especially if you are visiting Thenmala. Special bathing places for Ladies and Kids are arranged downstream the main falls. Separate changing rooms are available for the ladies. Men and women lifeguards are posted who are always around in case you need help. If you are not under the influence of alcohol and you can watch your steps while walking through those rocks your life is safe here.

A small cafeteria where you can get snacks etc is near the old vehicle parking area(now Bus parking) from where we walk into the waterfalls. From the main route of Kollam-Thirumangalom, ie NH208, about 5kilometres you have to travel into the forest to reach the palaruvi falls.

Two check posts are on the way till reaching the falls. Exploring the forest will be nice if willing to walk, The forest around is filled with medicinal plants and trees. Some trees on the way to the waterfalls have name labels in green boards.

Palaruvi Vana Samrakshana Samithi (PVSS)

Palaruvi VSS was formed in 2003, the administration, conservation of this waterfalls, amenities around etc is under the watch of Plaruvi Vana SamrakshanaSamithii or PVSS. Joint Forest Management Committee (JFMC ) are formed as part of the global trend in Participative Forest Management (PFM) in the 1990s. Palaruvi Vana Samrakshana Samithi is literally a JFMC unit. 

Local forest-dependent tribes or communities are identified and they are also made part of Forest resource conservation and management. It aims at an effective management of the Forest resources along with the upliftment of dependent communities.

Palaruvi VSS has approximately 210 members. There are forest conservation volunteers, tour guides, women self-help units etc formed among the members of PVSS. Its formed by families residing around the Palaruvi and Thenmala area.

Palaruvi Vana Samrakshana Samithi is effective in reducing the issues in and around this waterfalls. Litters are reduced due to close monitoring, tourist accidents reduced, forest fires are reduced due to close watch. Palaruvi area was notorious for anti-social activities which also got reduced since the formation of PVSS. The river upstream is also maintained by PVSS. These are a few among the achievements of PVSS. 

Season to Visit Palaruvi:-

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Palruvy Falls
Nice time to visit Palaruvi Waterfalls is from June to November. Point is it has to be rainy season or not much after the rainy season. Summer visits will make you witness only rocks instead of the falls. One problem is the place gets much crowded in times, especially on Sabarimala Pilgrimage season.

You can visit palaruvi after the monsoon rains. You will see the river in all its might. Bathing won't be possible then as it can be dangerous. The waterfalls will be live in the months of September, October, November, and December also. December the falls will be moderate and very much approachable, but the water will be ice cold. 

This waterfall goes fully dry in the peak of summer season, so better to avoid visiting during the peak of Summer. The falls photos you see here are taken during one of my visits during the month of September I guess. I will be posting a few more photos and video soon from my last December visit.

Recent Changes In Palaruvi

Vanadarshan forest office has come up at a few meters from the Palaruvi entrance gate. You have to park your vehicles in the large ground opposite to this office. The office complex has restrooms for the tourists along with some stores which are selling spices, honey etc. From here you have to get the tickets and aboard a bus towards the waterfalls. People are no more allowed to drive own vehicles into the forest towards the waterfalls.

Palaruvi WaterFalls Timings, Visiting Time:-

From 8Am in the morning to 4PM in the evening you can enter the waterfalls and premises. No Holidays as such. It may get closed due to no water in the Summer season, or if any issue happens which is very rare. if you have any doubts, you can contact with the below numbers and come.

Contact numbers to confirm Timings: 

  • PVSS Office(Palaruvi Vana Samrakshana Samiti): 0475 2211200
  • Thenmala Forest Division Office: 0475 2344521

Palaruvi Falls Entry Fee, Latest Ticket Rates -Visitors And Parking Fee:-

The revenue from palaruvi waterfalls is collected by Palaruvi Puzha/Vanam Samrakshana Samithi(Palaruvi river and forest conservation). 

  • Ticket Rates

Above 13 years have to get a ticket of INR 10. If taking vehicle pass the driver doesn't need a ticket. Foreigners have to take an entry pass of INR 20.

  • Parking Fee

Vehicle parking rates are Bus- INR 40, Mini Bus- INR 25, Car/Jeep- INR 15, 3 Wheeler- INR 10, 2 Wheeler- INR 5. If having any of these vehicle passes, driver's entry pass is free of charge. The entry pass taken is valid for the day from 8am to 5pm.

Activities In Palaruvi

Forest Trekking Details - Trekking Charges, Distance and Trekking spots 
[Arranged byVANADARSHAN]
The major activity of any visiting palaruvi is taking a bath in this milky herbal waterfalls, just follow the guard's instructions to stay safe. Watch your foot while moving around through the slippery rocks. If the area is not crowded you can just sit in the Kalmandapam and watch the waterfalls close, face to face. If crowded you will have to take a turn and move off from here as people keep coming to take photos and selfies from this highest waterfalls watchpoint.

Other than the generic eco-tourism activities arranged in Thenmala Adventure Zone, Thenmala Sculpture Park, Thenmala Dam, Thenmala Deerpark etc, you can also opt for special trekking and camping activities in the guidance of guards here in palaruvi. Contact the Vanadarshan office for detailed info and booking when you plan for it. Trekking charges are like INR 300 per person for Six Kms up and down trekking in the shenturuny forest (includes palaruvi forest area), for a group of minimum 5 persons. Charges for food is extra. The visiting spots in trekking are Kaduvappara, Kochukuttalam, Step-flow, Nadukanipara, Palaruvi Mandapam, Chenkurinji mala etc.

Contact number for Palaruvi Tourism enquiries Landline- 0475 2211200

Palaruvi falls Restrictions to be followed:-

Alcohol strictly prohibited, plastic materials prohibited, don't throw litters around including food particles, protect the forest from fire, don't disturb wildlife.

How to Reach Palaruvi falls?, Routes and Route Map Points

You can reach palaruvi waterfalls by Road. Nearest Rail and Airport accessibility is mentioned below. Anyway, you have to use the Road means to reach the falls. From the main highway gate, there are nearly 4 Kms towards palaruvy falls. Your own vehicle can take you till Palaruvi Vana Samrakshana Samiti office, from where you can grab the tickets and board into the Forest Department buses to reach till the waterfalls.

The Forest Dept buses will drop you a few meters down from palaruvi falls. The bus dropping point has a snack bar ran by the Palaruvi Vana Samrakshana Samithi. From this drop point, you have to walk a few meters up towards the falls through Forest trails.

As you follow the Forest trails, you will be soon seeing steps to climb up towards the Palaruvi Falls old Rock Dome / Kal Mandapam. A right turn just before the steps will bring you to the Ladies only recreation point, which is safe for women and children. moving forward, the steps downward will take you to the bottom of main palaruvi falls. though you have to negotiate through some rocks to reach there.

By AirNearest Airport from palaruvi is at Trivandrum, ie about 82-Kms by road from Palaruvi. Then you have to be by road from Trivandrum to Palaruvi. From Trivandrum airport, you can take any of the below routes to waterfalls of palaruvi.

  • Route1-Trivandrum-Nedumangadu-Palode-Kulathupuzha-Thenmala-Aryankavu-Palaruvi. 
  • Route 2- Trivandrum -Ayoor-Kulathupuzha-Thenmala-Palaruvi.
Cochin Airport is more than 200Kms from palaruvi. You have a couple of road routes to select from, between Cochin and Thenmala - palaruvi.
  • Route 1 - Cochin-Alapuzha-Changanacherry-Adoor-Pathanapuram-Punalur-Palaruvi. In this route, Alapuzha Changanacherry AC road is scenic as you are cutting through the famous backwater village of Kerala,  the Kuttanadu. If its monsoon better to avoid this road as it gets submerged in places as both sides of the road have plenty of water bodies.
  • Route2 - Cochin-Perumbavoor-Moovatupuzha-Uzhavoor-Manimala-Ranni-Malayalapuzha-Konni-Pathanapuram-Punalur-Thenmala-Palaruvi (203 Kms - small village route, so many twists and turns, but you will be driving through Konni which is near to Adavi, another Ecotourism spot of Kerala. Konni is also having an Elephant Camp)

By Road: The waterfalls is situated beside the Kollam-Thirumangalom National Highway 208, 4 Kms from Aryankavu. From Kollam, Road route is - Kollam-Kottarakkara-Punalur-Thenmala-Aryankavu-Palaruvi For people coming from the Northern side of Kerala the shortest route could be Adoor-Pathanapuram-Punalur-Thenmala-Palaruvi. Pathanapuram route will be shortest but the roads not wider as Adoor-Kottarakkara-Punalur-Thenmala-Palaruvi.

By Rail: Nearest railway station from Palaruvi is at Aryankavu [2Kms]. The railway lines are recently gauge converted and are now broad-gauge. This famous Fourth Tamilnadu railway corridor line passes through Palaruvi area. It's a scenic rail route section of Sengottai-Punalur, which is cutting through the western ghats. Trains have started running between Kollam and Chennai recently through this rail line. You may alight at the Aryankavu Railway station to visit Palaruvi falls. For people coming from Chennai to visit Palaruvi/Thenmala, this rail route is a convenient option.

Trains in Plaruvy/Thenmala Route

Palaruvi Express

Started between Palaghat and Punalur, this train has now got extended till Thirunalveli, which passes through Aryankavu station, the nearest station to Plaruvi waterfall.
Train No: 16792 - Palaruvi Express -  Palaghat -Thirunelveli
Arrivals: Palaghat - 16:00, Ernakulam Town - 19:00, Kottayam - 20:40,Kollam - 23:45, Thenmala - 2:09, New Aryankavu - 2:31, Thirunelveli - 6:30
Train Timetable:

Train No: 16791 - Palaruvi Express - Thirunelveli -Palaghat

Arrivals: Thirunelveli - 22:30, New Aryankavu - 1:09, Thenmala - 1:39,Kollam - 4:35, Kottayam - 7:25, Ernakulam Town - 9:30,   Palaghat - 13:20
Train Timetable:

Kollam -Edamon Passenger (56335/56336) is extended to Shenkottai, and is now Kollam - Shenkottai Passenger train.

Train Timetable: /

Special Tourism Promotion Train - Tambaram Express

Kerala's first Vista dome attached train is through the scenic routes of Thenmala-Aryankavu-Palaruvi etc, ie through the western ghat scenic rail route. Features of Vistadome coaches are the sides and the roof is made of glass to give a maximum view of the scenic routes the train is passing through. Chairs are 180 degrees rotatable and reclinable. The train has a stop in Thenmala.

Train No: 06027 - Tambaram - Kollam (Monday/Wednesday/Friday)

Train No: 06028 - Kollam -Tambaram (Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday)

How Far is Palruvi Waterfall from major cities of Kerala?

As per the signboard in Palaruvi, the distances from major places to this waterfalls are like below,

  • Palaruvi Distance from Kollam- 82Km, 
  • Palaruvi Distance from Trivandrum, the capital city - 86Km, 
  • Palaruvi Distance from Kuttalam in Tamilnadu- 28Km, 
  • Palaruvi Distance from Cochin- 217Km, 
  • Palaruvi Distance from Thenmala- 15Km, 
  • Palaruvi Distance from Punalur- 35Km.

Tourist Attractions near Palaruvi waterfalls, Places to Visit:-

Thenmala Dam- 15Kms, Thenmala Ecotourism-15Kms, Kuttalam Waterfalls- 28Kms, Thenmala lookout- 20Kms(Ottakkal Weir Dam), Dharma Sastha Temple-Aryankavu- 1Km, Punalur Hanging Bridge- 30Kms, 13 Arch old British built railway bridge- 10Kms.

Palaruvi waterfalls combined with Thenmala, you may plan to complete in a day or two, unless you have trekking and Forest camping intentions, which are also available here.

Resorts and Hotels Near Palaruvi and Thenmala

  • Kadamath Heritage Resort, Ottakkal, Phone:094475 58312
  • Bee Hive Ac Rooms, Thenmala, Phone:0475 234 4800
  • Palaruvi Resort Aryankavu, Palaruvi, Phone:094474 20660
  • SR Palace INN, Thenmala, Phone:0475 234 4847
  • The Nest, Thenmala, Phone:0475 234 4800
  • Symphony Hills Resort, Thenmala, Phone:094955 02222

Note: The quality and availability of palaruvy resorts listed above are not guaranteed by Pixelshots. Availability solely depends on the tourism season.

More photos of the waterfalls and tourist attractions around palaruvi will be kept updating, stay tuned.
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