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Valanjenganam waterfalls in the Monsoon season, some snaps of a scenic water falls on the way to Kuttikkanam, the small plantation town in the Idukki district of Kerala, sometimes called as OOTY of Kerala. The waterfalls is about 75 feet high, ie about 23 meters. The waterfalls is situated on the way to Kuttikanom beside Kottayam- Kumily route.  This white fresh milky river stream of nature which is untouched is said to be originating from somewhere in the mountains of Kuttikanom.  This waterfalls is also known in the names of Valavukayam waterfalls, Murinjapuzha falls, Ninnumullippara waterfalls (peeing rocks waterfalls), Keasari waterfalls etc. The most renowned name of the waterfalls is "Ninnu Mulli Para", meaning rocks that stands and pee, weired huh!..

Bathing under this waterfalls is allowed and a small concrete platform is built under the falls for bathing. The photograph is taken during the month of july when the monsoon rains are moderate here. In the peak of monsoon this waterfalls  becomes more furious and in the summer seasons it dries up.
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The freshness of mountains splashing down through the rocks. Waterfalls like this are not much common in the rock structure. Its like the water descending down through steps of rocks. The naturally buildup rock steps.

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Trying to get the full length of the waterfalls of Murinjapuzha. Can see the stream splitting into a main healthy one and a small stream through the right side of the falls.Guess monsoon was not strong enough this time to join them into one strong bubbly mighty falls.As said before this waterfalls is a little more seasonal when compared to main river waterfalls like athirapilly, hogenekkal etc. If you happen to pass though this place during summer season you can see only the rocks here.

The waterfalls is  situated beside a sharp bend of the hilly road on the way to Kuttikanom. No way you gonna miss it as its a mini tourist spot with some small shops nearby. About four more kilometers from this waterfalls you will be reaching Kuttikanom the plantation hill town of Kerala. Hill slopes cladded in green tea plantations is common throughout the trip. You can make the fullest out of a tour trip through these hill ranges only if you are ready to stop and take some snaps from the scenic spots of the mountain valleys and plantations that comes occasionally.                            
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Hmm now you will be feeling the rock pee in your face, if you stand this close huh..Photographing this snap was a little bit risky, not for me but the camera. Had to go just below the waterfalls to get these splashing white fresh drops of the mountains closer to the cellphone camera eyes. Literally was getting sprinkled with those splashing water droplets from the rocks. From the base of this waterfalls we can watch it closely if getting damp doesn't matter. Fumes of splashing out water is all around giving you a cool refreshing pat.

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The photographs got blurred a bit. Sorry for the hurry in snapping for the folks along was shouting to be back on our van. Can see two little white line of falls beside the main falls. People says in the peak of monsoon the falls will be strong in the weaker portion too unlike as in this photo.

Seems the course of the river is ideal for rock climbing. Didn't heard anyone tried yet. Unseen waterfalls and streams are inside these forest and hills, and if you in an adventurous group giving a try won't be in vain i think.  Anyway i was on a family trip which has all that constraints from elders as it's meant to be.

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The photos are snapped with Nikon Coolpix P100 and Samsung-GT-S5620, a 12 MP digicam and 3 MP Cellphone cam.

Sometimes all these place will be covered in dense blanket of fog in the evenings, mornings and winter makes even noon times foggy. Nothing much to wonder in hilly area which is about 3700 feets high from the sea level. We happened to be near the waterfalls in the afternoon around 2pm.

At first Kuttikanom and places around were under the ruler of changanacherry which is later conquered by Maharaja of Travancore and started plantation of tea, coffee, cardamon etc in the hills. Three royal palaces are said to be around and some of them are private property now. 

Going towards Kuttikanom you are nearing to some of the very famous hill stations and adventure spots of Idukki district like Ramakkalmedu, Panchalimedu, Parunthu Para, Thottapura, Amrutha mala, Vagamon, Pine forest, Nallathanni Viewpoint on KK road, Thrissanku and peeru hill stations etc. Kurishumala near Vagamon has some Cattle rearing farms which must be visited. Famous Churches like Pattumala pally is nearby Kuttikanom township.

Nearest airport is cochin, about 145 Kms. Kottayam, Trivandrum and Madhurai are about 70, 230 and 174Kms respectively from Kuttikanom. 

Visiting these places of Idukki district will surely give you some mist cladded memories. if you like seeing vast green landscapes, mountains, tea plantations and waterfalls this is the ideal place you should plan a trip to. Activities like rock climbing trekking etc awaits you traveller!.

will be back with more photos,

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