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Paintings for sale found in a shop at Mattancherry Cochin..You may have heard of the Jew Street in Kerala / Cochin / India.The ancient street in which the jew community used to live in India..Still their are a few Jews here, and also a Jew Synagogue, where these people worships. Its the oldest synagogue which is still lively..

The place mattancherry of Cochin has a long history of arts, from the times of Rajas of Cochin..The palace of the Raja which is termed as Dutch palace is nearby the Jew street where you can see an Art Museum and a Museum of Portrait Paintings along with Mural Arts..

The Photographs were taken in a leisurely walk through the street, which is adorned with antiques and paintings in the street side shops meant for sale to the tourists coming there..After visiting the jew Synagogue we were trying to have a walk to the other end of the street, keeping the Digital Camera Eyes wide open through the street side shops..

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This painting is meant for your Inference skill..Have a thorough look and come to the conclusion!I think you can come to the Idea the painter trying to express if you are nice in watching things.If you confused you may comment below, i shall tell you what i inference from the painting.. The painting was displayed outside a paintings shop and to be honest i was not aware what the painter trying to convey at the time of snapping..Later hmmm i figured out it..Come on guys give it a try.Not much complicated for your sharp eyes i think

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A paintings shop.Beautiful paintings on display and sale inside a shop in the Jew Street of Mattancherry, Kerala.Their are varities of paintings, from portraits to landscape scenes..Seems the place is blessed with so many painters..Yea it has a long history of artistic skills. 

The raja of Cochin was also a painter and once you visit his Palace, The Dutch Palace, you can see much murals on the palace walls painted by the Raja itself picturing moments from Hindu Holy Books like Mahabharata and Ramayana..What is stunning in the art gallery is the Portrait Paintings of the Rajas of Cochin..You will wonder to see, how a photographer is replaced by an artist in that time.. Much realistic 3D alive images, and you will feel the Raja standing infront of you..

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The Lady and the Horse..What the painter wanted to convey?..Is it just a painting!.you may comment if you feel something.. Hmm happened to get it a little blurry..Do you think it an ordinary painting..not that ordinary, its painted on a cloth, and it was hung for display infront of a shop..The wind was blowing and making the cloth canvas dangle, hope you may know now why it blurred..

Their is a few antiques shop too in the street, and am gonna give you the photos of them by next post.Their are some photos their in the archives itself..Photographs taken with Canon  powershot A630..Hope we can meet soon, will be waiting here with the antique pieces i got for you.See ya..


Shinade aka Jackie said...

I think it is merely hug between two. I see a tender expression of love and caring!! it's beautiful. I love the colors!!

Shinade aka Jackie said...

Wow you know this is just a suggestion but it takes so long to get to your ECard at the very bottom that i am rushed to move on.

I know I would be more inclined to comment if I didn't waste so much time searching for your card.

Just a suggestion and I hope you are not offended!!

pixelshots said...

hmm you guessed right buddy.. its a painting showing love,care,and affection..

Dorothy L said...

Just think, if it weren't for marriage, men would go through life thinking they had no faults at all :P

monalisa said...


sacredeastwind said...

I <3 Mattancherry

Yashila said...

Hi. Greetings. This post is really good and blog is really interesting. It gives good details.

oil painting on canvas said...

Love the paintings, especially the more abstract ones. Unfortunately I've got no spare pennies to buy one,
but I'm sure you'll have no problem, they're awesome.
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