Roses pictures..Flowers Photos using cell phone of yellow rose,white rose,pink rose,amaranth pink rose,half bloomed pink rose,red rose

Continuation of the previous rose photo gallery..Giving you some more photos on roses like yellow rose,red rose,white rose,pink blooming rose, amaranth pink rose.. Just move on..Photos are taken with Sony cell phones by my friend.. Most of the flowers are photographed in macro focus mode..

simple yellow rose flower from the gardens,flower photo photographed in closeup mode of digital cameraThe simple Yellow Rose flower

Yellow roses indicates friendship and caring...unlike others they doesn't carry any undertone of romance instead stands for platonic emotions...They stands for sunny feelings of joy, warmth and welcome....

Sorry guys for i got only this simple yellow rose flower to put here....i may make up for it some other time..pretty soon...

From the 18 th century itself people had developed these special language of roses, by giving meanings and emotions for rose colours and the number of roses gifted...It became a silent way of expressing our emotions with colours and fragrance and moreover in the nature's manner..

closeup photograph of red roses from the home gardens,photographed in macro lens mode of cameraThe denser petals makes the beauty more cute...A single red rose variant

The single rose flower from the garden.. I wish if i could make you feel the fragrance of this cute rose flower somehow...

You know these flowers have many other purpose than being just a Rose...From the steam of rose flowers an essential oil named attar of rose is extracted and is used widely in rose perfumes for centuries....You may be much familiar with the sweet fragrant ed rose water which is made from rose oil.... And in many countries rose water is an essential ingredient of many cuisines..

full bloomed red rose photograph photographed in macro lens focal mode of digital camera"The full bloomed Red Rose"

Hmm she is having her last days of her life i think.By the time you are seeing this am sure that this flower may have died out shedding the petals....Thanks to ma friend arun for making her alive like this for ever.

white rose flower photograph from home gardens"The white Rose flower....Symbol of Innocence.."

White is the colour of purity and innocence...And white roses are usually associated with new beginnings and thus they are ideal for occasions of marriage...

You may have watched the bride and groom getting presented with bouquet of white roses like flowers...They can be also used to convey sympathy and humility towards someone...

half bloomed white and pink petals in the rose flower from gardens,cute pink rose flower closeup picture"We just met before na?... NOoo you mistaken.. you met ma elder sister before..Look am blooming still......."

Another pink rose with white streaks spread all over..In French an edible rose syrup is made from rose petals and the syrup is used in many dishes..The rose hips or rose fruit is used to make jam or jelly, by pressing and filtering out and they are significant for their higher content of vitamin C..

Often the rose hips are also used to make rose hip seed oil which are extensively used in cosmetic products and in some skin care products...

Their are rose flower festivals like the rose festival in Portland.. and in India by the month of February a Rose festival takes place at Chandigarh..

Hope to meet you soon here with some new postings ...... Pixelshots
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